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By Tricia L. Legittino
Frankfurt Kurnit's Employment Compliance, Training & Litigation Group will be holding roundtable discussions and workshops on the state of independent contractors in both New York and California.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act generally requires premarket review of any new tobacco products.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Walmart is under fire again for the political messages on some of the t-shirts that are available for sale on its website.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Connecticut officials announced that the state has opened an investigation into health claims made by JUUL Labs.
By Craig Whitney
Those sculptural features include the banana's combination of colors, lines, shape, and length.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Last week, the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Authority issued a decision saying that using the hashtag disclosure #BrandAmbassador did not sufficiently disclose the influencer's relationship to the brand.
By Amelia Brankov
A new legal brawl between a musician and a painter raises an interesting question under the Copyright Act: what are the legal obligations of one who destroys another's art in order to create something that is arguably a new work?
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The National Association of Attorneys General sent letters to companies that provide video on demand services asking them to adopt practices to protect kids from seeing tobacco-related content.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Auto-related complaints are the most common consumer complaint, according to a recent survey of state and local consumer protection agencies conducted by the Consumer Federation of America.
By Terri Seligman
And from the trenches, I mean other lawyers' trenches: this wasn't my case, but I did learn from it.
By Craig Whitney
The court determined that it was not.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
There's one other important take-away from the FTC's action here.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Crystal Farms Refrigerated Distribution Company sells the Diner's Choice brand of refrigerated, ready-to-eat mashed potatoes.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The Federal Trade Commission's Division of Advertising Practices recently closed its investigations into three companies that were marketing various types of head impact sensors.
By Terri Seligman
The advertiser provided several studies involving different companies' weighted blankets to support its claims.
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