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Khurana and Khurana
By Mridula Dalvi
Protection of intellectual property protection is done by granting the inventors the sole right to exploit their innovation, which includes
By Khurana And Khurana
IIPRD has been successfully conducting several symposiums over the years on different Intellectual Property (IP) aspects.
By Isha Tiwari
India is, in the true sense of the phrase, a "rising star" when it comes to innovation growth in the Intellectual Property sector.
By Isha Tiwari
The Copyright Registry on August 27, 2019 released a public notification containing a much awaited clarification regarding public performance and sound recordings played during marriage ceremonies.
By Shruti Mandhotra
Toyota, a Japanese MNC recently decided to grant approximately 24,000 ‘vehicle electrification' patent licenses on the technologies used by them in making of their cars, specifically
By Shatakshi Shukla
A couple of years back, the Indonesian Parliament enacted the new Patent law, with the view to overcome the loopholes in the existing law and taking it at par with other countries and international standards.
By Apoorv Dixit
"Sometime early in this century the intelligence of machines will exceed that of humans. Within a quarter of a century
By Himali Sharad Tambe
Startups don't usually have a significant asset base.
By Noyonika Mukherjee
Apple was granted 60 new Patents by the U.S. patent and Trademark Office in the month of July, 2019. These 60 newly granted Patents
By Debopriya Mukherjee
A Patent infringement lawsuit was filed by Communication Components Antenna INC against alleged infringer Ace Technologies Corp and its related entities and subsidiaries in relation to its patent which was titled...
By Madhur Tulsiani
Recently, Huawee's demand for 1 billion USD as license fee from Verizon Inc captured interest of almost every patent enthusiast around the globe.
By Shatakshi Shukla
Ever since this Australian energy drink, hit the market in 1987, people everywhere, consumers or non-consumers could instantly relate it to a tall and slim blue-silver can.
By Khurana And Khurana
Flipkart, one of the most trusted Ecommerce website recently ended up settling a legal dispute with an Indian health and fitness brand, GOQii as it was allegedly running into loses because its products were discounted up to 70% ...
By Himanshu Mohan
Appropriating ‘cultural' symbols has been attempted in the past too.
By Shruti Mandhotra
Ambit of the LTE extends from broadband wireless connectivity to the recent modern inventions.
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