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By Philip Mavor
The proposed additional activities were classified as Motor Vehicle Repair so were prohibited in the Mixed Business Zone.
By John Park
Strata titled land in WA is intended to be self-managed by owners and strata companies via the Strata Titles Act 1985.
By Danielle Hadida
The American system of marriage and divorce is, of course, drastically different to the system operating in Australia.
By Brenton Oakley
Associations incorporated under the old act have until 30 June 2019 to ensure their rules are compliant with the new act.
By Stephen Williams
Silicosis is an insidious disease, caused by the crystalline silica found in stone bathroom and kitchen benchtops.
By John Park
Amendments to the Strata Titles Act impose, amongst other things, a comprehensive statutory regime on strata managers.
By Loretta Carè
Adult Child maintenance, as distinct from child support, may be payable for a child over the age of 18 years in certain cases.
By Claire Hawke-Gundill
Planning for incapacity requires: Enduring Power of Attorney; Enduring Power of Guardianship; and Advance Health Directive.
By Tom Darbyshire
Having systems which allow whistleblowers to report wrongdoing without reprisal is important for making improvements.
By Mike Baldwin
Australian employers who are concerned about the risk of employee litigation, should also consider the Weinstein Clause.
By Anne Wood
Giving evidence before the tribunal can be daunting, so this article is a quick guide to the process of giving evidence.
By Danielle Hadida
Debates over vaccinating the children have increased and can be a source of great conflict between separated parents.
By Greg Mohen, Daphne Schilizzi
An "assistance animal" is legally recognised as a medical aid providing an essential function for people with disability.
By Tim Kennedy
The Fiocco Report is a review into payment delays being experienced across all levels of the WA construction industry.
By Tim Kennedy
Before you press that button, or click that link, these are 3 cyber scams and quick pointers on what to be aware of .
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