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By George Fellows
In The Governing Body of Tywyn Primary v. Mr M Aplin UKEAT/0298/17/LA the EAT held that the adverse treatment of a gay ...
By Justin Hill
Quantum computers are no longer in the realms of science fiction. But how are they different from classical computers?
By Emma Broad, Laura Gowing, David Payton
On 19 March 2019 the Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee (Committee) issued its report on leasehold reform (Report).
By Alexander Hewitt
Receivables financiers, lenders taking security assignments over contractual rights, participants in the secondary loan market and others have an interest in:
By Catriona Lloyd, Matthew Sapte, Catherine Astruc
In our December 2017 article What now for LIBOR in finance documents?, we considered the initial reaction of regulators, industry bodies and market participants to the prospect that LIBOR might no longer exist after 2021.
By Katharine Harle
This note gives fuller background on this issue.
By Nick Chandler, Paul Holland, Serge Sergiou
In recent years, the traditionally limited pool of lenders into JOLCOs has widened, from consisting mainly of Japanese banks and the Tokyo branches of non-Japanese banks, to include overseas lenders from...
By Mark Price
Delivering on the announcement in the Autumn Budget, HMRC issued its consultation "Protecting your taxes in insolvency" on 26 February 2019.
By Mateusz Toczyski, Tomasz Zwoliński, Jarosław Bełdowski
The New Law will replace in full the current Law of 7 July 1994 on export insurance guaranteed by the State Treasury.
By Yolaande Meyvis, Karla Vuyts, Pieter-Jan Aerts, Laurens Engelen
On March 11, 2019, a new Royal Decree entered into force determining the conditions for positive action.
By Barry Edgar, Gareth Hale, Lisa Cruickshank
In two recent Scottish cases, the Court of Session has considered the question of whether – and, if so, under what circumstances – a lease can make rent review disputes the exclusive jurisdiction
By Victoria L. Middleditch
Acas has published guidance to help employers learn about neurodiversity and to suggest changes that can be made in the workplace to better support neurodivergent staff.
By Domenico Rettura, Pietro Perenzin
The common VAT system plays a fundamental role in the Digital Single Market.
By Michael Dean, Michael Graf, Adrian Magnus, Catriona Munro, Rebecca Owen-Howes
The EU framework for screening foreign direct investment (FDI) (Framework) was published on 21 March 2019.
By Emmanuelle van den Broucke, Alexia Delaunay, Khuong Lam
In a decision dated January 31, 2019, the French Competition Authority ordered Google to clarify the rules of its advertising service Google Ads with respect to the fee-based online information services...
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