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By Annette Wilson
This article asks and answers family law questions about divorce and separation in Australia and in New South Wales.
By Helen Kowal
Allan Harriman is an expert on building regulations and fire safety engineering in the NSW construction industry.
By Michael Byrnes
The FWC expressed disquiet about the way in which some applicants used the anti-bullying jurisdiction in the workplace.
By Helen Kowal
These articles document discussions with building experts about the current state of the NSW construction industry.
By Bill Lo, Emily Capener
The DIN is part of a suite of initiatives the government is implementing to detect, deter and penalise phoenix activity.
By Michael Byrnes
The test of when a worker is 'bullied at work' for the anti-bullying jurisdiction is set out in s 789FD of the FW Act.
By Helen Kowal
An interview with an expert regarding waterproofing & reporting including the current situation, failings, positives etc.
By Daniel Kentwell, Carly Howard
Priority notices are cheap but temporary, so if there is a caveatable interest, perhaps a caveat should be preferred.
By Monique Robb
Courts would be willing to decline to make prop­er­ty set­tle­ment orders where it is not just and equi­table to do so.
By Sean Greenwood
This case demonstrates how Courts deal with the existence of two construction contracts and decide which one is binding.
By Sherlene Heng
The Family Court is will­ing to make orders for equal (or at least increased) time dur­ing a school hol­i­day peri­od.
By Helen Kowal
Unit owners can form a 'bloc' to gain some control over voting relating to a potential sale of the whole strata scheme.
By Michael Byrnes
For an employee subject to a social media policy, a retweet may be a breach and form the basis for disciplinary action.
By Sean Greenwood
The case highlights how property can be lost to a claim of adverse possession if it was over-looked in a deceased estate.
By Annette Wilson, Katerina Lonergan
This arti­cle explains how CGT is usu­al­ly treat­ed by the Court in fam­i­ly law prop­er­ty set­tle­ment proceedings.
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