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By David Gerecke
As we summarized in a recent Financial Services & Insolvency Communiqué, Saskatchewan has introduced Bill 151 (the Bill) which amends The Personal Property Security Act, 1993 (Saskatchewan).
By Jonathan Martin
Options available if you have been wrongfully named in a construction lawsuit
By Matt Trotta
No contest clauses, or "in terrorem" clauses (latin for "in terror" or "by way of threat") are often used in wills to attempt to create a consequence or an ability to prevent a gift, if certain conditions are not met or certain actions are taken.
By Dwight D. Dee
Persons who have lived and worked for extended periods of time in both Canada and the United States can often be eligible to receive benefits under both Canadian and U.S. government pension programs.
By Stephen Sweeney
In 2017, Canadian federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers signed an Agreement to Strengthen Beneficial Ownership Transparency (the "Agreement").
By Kevork Kevorkian
When estate planning involves a transaction with an elderly person or a person of full age in a vulnerable situation ("Vulnerable Person"), lawyers and notaries ("Legal Advisers") must be careful to reconcile the wishes of the parties, the protection of the vulnerable client and professional secrecy.
By Michael McCluskey, Trenton D. Johnson
Part II.1 of the Construction Act (Ontario) (the "Act") introduces a new mandatory interim dispute resolution adjudication process which comes into force October 1st, 2019.
By Michael McCluskey, Trenton D. Johnson
The Construction Act (Ontario) ("the Act") came into effect on July 1, 2018 and has introduced a number of changes regarding the process in which construction liens are addressed in Ontario.
By Susan Manwaring
There has been much discussion in recent years about the audit process used by the Charities Directorate and the rules of the Income Tax Act (Canada) (the "Act") ...
By Jordyn Allan, Erin Elias
On January 18, 2019, the Government of Ontario announced changes to its raffle licensing framework, which provides more options and greater flexibility to Ontario charities ...
By Robert Hayhoe
Canadian society has long viewed charities (and other non-profit) organizations as being a wholly different category from businesses, sometimes called the "third sector"
By Marie-Catherine Ayotte
Tout récemment, la Cour supérieure du Québec a souligné l'importance pour les corps publics, en raison de leurs statuts et de leurs missions,
By Karine Carrier
L'obligation de renseignement du donneur d'ouvrage est un concept juridique reconnu et souvent appliqué par les tribunaux.
By Leanna Olson, Alissa Ricioppo
Un nouveau contrat type de construction, soit CCDC 30 – Contrat de réalisation de projet intégrée, sera bientôt lancé par le CCDC
By Nadya Tymochenko, Greg Bush
In December 2018, the Auditor General of Ontario released its 2018 Annual Report. The Report contains 15 value-for-money audits.
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