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By Craig M. Gianetti, Nicole M. Magdziak
On August 10, Governor Murphy signed into law S1247/A2779, which amends the sewer and water connection fee law in several ways to address existing inequities regarding connection fees (or tapping fees).
By Daniel Wenner
In United States v. Mehmood, the Sixth Circuit affirmed the conviction of Zafar Mehmood and Badar Ahmadani but vacated their sentences and remanded for resentencing.
By Daniel Wenner
The National Cyber Security Centre—and yes, it's British—released a report titled "The cyber threat to UK legal sector."
By Heather Weine Brochin, Howard Fetner
In Day Pitney's June 2018 Employment and Labor Quarterly Update, we reported on New York state's and New York City's recently enacted legislation imposing new requirements on employers relating to sexual harassment.
By Paul Halasz, Christopher Stracco, Benjamin E. Haglund
The holding will provide opportunities to limit the number of cases that will be presented to a jury based on novel or not widely accepted theories of causation.
By Day Pitney LLP
The law applies to manufacturers of consumer health wearables and apps, for example, and its reach extends to companies located anywhere in the U.S. that do business in California.
By Day Pitney LLP
Connecticut enacted a new law in October 2017, calling for the Connecticut estate tax exemption to match the federal estate tax exemption beginning in 2020.
By Day Pitney LLP
There are, however, several strategies taxpayers can use to maximize available deductions while continuing to provide support to charitable causes.
By Day Pitney LLP
Along with an increased life expectancy due to medical advances comes an increased chance of developing diminished mental capacity.
By Eric D. Fader
The proposed rule released on July 12 by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) would create new billing codes that, if approved, will reimburse physicians for certain virtual interactions with patients.
By Eric D. Fader
If finalized, the changes would become effective in January 2019.
By David Doot, Evan C. Reese, Steven Cash, James B. Blackburn, IV
Recognizing the growing cyber threats facing the country's bulk electric system, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued a rule that will increase the reporting requirements for those entities with assets ...
By Day Pitney LLP
Gifting strategies should be reviewed in light of changes to federal income tax law, the increasing disparity in state income tax rates and the fact that, for many clients, income tax savings will be the primary concern.
By Day Pitney LLP
We continue to digest and act on the changes to federal tax law that were passed late last year. In a sense, the changes to the federal gift and estate tax just continue a trend of increasing exemptions that started 20 years ago.
By Von Sanborn, Aaron T. Kriss, Matthew T. Lee
Generally, miscellaneous itemized deductions include all deductions subject to the so-called 2% floor.
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