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Foley Hoag LLP
By Seth Jaffe
Last week, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ordered EPA to revoke all tolerances for chlorpyrifos within 60 days. It's another fairly devastating indictment of the Trump administration.
By Michael Rosen, Christopher Feudo
On August 10, 2018, Governor Baker signed the non-compete bill recently passed by the Massachusetts Legislature. (A full summary of the bill can be found here.)
By David Kluft
The "Starball" logo of the Union des Associations Européennes de Football ("UEFA") consists of a round ball made up of black stars, with white polygons in the negative space between the stars.
By Michael Rosen
As expected, yesterday (August 10, 2018) Governor Baker signed the new Massachusetts noncompete bill into law. A summary of the law is here.
By Philip Swain
With H. 4732 (and amendment H. 4868) sitting on Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker's desk, Massachusetts is finally on the verge of adopting the Uniform Trade Secrets Act ("UTSA").
By Catherine Anderson
Advisers that manage any Cayman Islands regulated or unregulated funds, investment entities including hedge funds, private equity funds or any other "financial services business" are reminded that September 30, 2018...
By Seth Jaffe
So the Trump administration has formally proposed to roll back CAFE standards for model years beginning in 2021.
By Andrew London
The United States Supreme Court will have the opportunity to hear an important case out of Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affecting how states pay community health centers for Medicaid beneficiaries
By Seth Jaffe
According to Greenwire (subscription required), EPA has acknowledged that it possesses no records providing a factual basis for claims made by Scott Pruitt
By David Kluft
If you are having trouble obtaining a federal trademark registration for a product's packaging, some lawyer has probably mentioned to you that copyright protection is a potential alternative...
By David Geiger, Chris Cifrino, Shrutih Tewarie
In Preferred Mut. Ins. Co. v. Stadler Form Aktiengesellschaft, 2018 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 55475 (Mar. 30, 2018), a homeowners' insurer as subrogee sued the retailer, U.S.
By Aaron Lang
The Attorneys General of Maryland and the District of Columbia again got a green light to proceed with their case alleging that the President has violated the Emoluments Clauses of the U.S. Constitution.
By Foley Hoag LLP
Are you wondering how to keep your company in the good graces of the FTC and other regulators when it comes to your company's advertisements? You are not alone.
By Jeremy W. Meisinger
On July 26, 2018, a coalition of Democratic state attorneys general sued the Department of Labor to enjoin its new rule on association health plans, which was finalized in June.
By Michael Rosen, Christopher Feudo
After many years of debate, the Massachusetts Legislature passed a comprehensive non-compete reform bill. If Governor Baker signs the bill into law (as is expected)...
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