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By Jeffrey Neuburger
With the Court declining to review, this important pair of rulings about the breadth of CFAA liability will stand.
By Connie Bertram, Alex Weinstein
In the wake of the devastating series of hurricanes throughout the United States, the OFCCP has provided compliance exemptions to federal contractors providing hurricane relief.
By Anthony Oncidi, Laura Fant
California Governor Jerry Brown has signed into law a statewide salary history inquiry law that will largely restrict employers in the state from seeking and relying upon salary history information...
By Anthony Oncidi, Travil Hall
California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed Senate Bill 63 into law, expanding parental leave protections to those individuals who work for employers with at least 20 employees.
By S. James Boumil, III, Joseph Capraro Jr, Patrick Niedermeier
It has now been over three years since the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its transformative patent decision in Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank.
By Damian A. Myers, James R. Huffman
On October 10, 2017, the Department of Labor ("DOL") released proposed regulations that would delay for 90 days the effective date of the final disability claims procedures regulations finalized...
By Lucy Wolf, Anthony Drenzek, Michael Hackett, Joshua Newville
The SEC's pay-to-play rule has given advisers reason to worry about potential foot faults since its adoption. As we have noted in prior posts, the rule is filled with landmines and is therefore difficult to navigate.
By John Roberts
Electronic filing is coming to the U.S. Supreme Court! Effective November 13, 2017, amendments to the Supreme Court's rules take effect that require represented parties (and their amici) to submit petitions...
By Neil H. Abramson, Mark Batten, Elise Bloom, Scott Faust, Anthony Oncidi, Stacey Cerrone
In this rapidly changing business landscape, the pressure to adapt, foresee and manage legal risk while reducing spend continues to rise for in-house lawyers responsible for labor and employment.
By Mark Theodore
The end of September in most years sees a spate of new NLRB decisions, sometimes dozens, issued on or about September 30, to coincide with the end of the agency's fiscal year.
By Martin Hamilton, Anne Kim, Stuart Rosow
Today, the Wall Street Journal considers again, on its front page above the fold, the potential benefits of corporate spin-off transactions ...
By Keisha-Ann Gray
Because employees often may need to work from home during weather emergencies (or threatened weather emergencies) one important "to do" preparation step is to create a telecommuting policy.
By Allan Bloom, Evandro Gigante, Laura Fant
•Headhunters and search firms are expressly covered by the restrictions of the law, as agents of prospective employers.
By Neil H. Abramson, Mark Batten, Elise Bloom, Scott Faust, Anthony Oncidi, Stacey Cerrone, Catherine Duke, Sarah Burdette
Proskauer's findings from our Value Insights: Delivering Value in Labor and Employment Law survey provide a resource for in-house counsel, serving as a benchmarking tool in managing labor...
By Julie Allen
I am a public school kid of a public school teacher. I remember learning to read from the back of a cereal box with my mom as I ate breakfast each morning.
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