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By Andrew Wilkinson
A claim for "extras" – a claim for payment work done outside the scope of a contract – is one of the most common issues giving rise to disputes on construction projects.
By Richard Stobbe
The internet is borderless, right? So how does one country balance the rights of internet users within its own borders? And can a Canadian court reach ...
By Laura MacFarlane, Sharn Mashiana
You may be surprised to learn that even after your trade-mark is registered, it can be expunged from the Trade-marks Register.
By Richard Stobbe
In the world of intellectual property rights, a registered trademark can live on for a hundred years or more. If you registered a trademark in the 1800s...
By Ryan Krushelnitzky, Kelly Starrak
Contractual liability limitations are a means of managing risk in construction contracts. Depending on the type of project, the type of possible damages ...
By Predrag Tomic
Some people are good for their word.
By Predrag Tomic
Generally speaking, the law will not protect you from making a bad bargain. However, when a transaction is so grossly unfair to one party and was obtained through an unfair advantage by the other party, ...
By Leah McDaniel, Anne Côté
As we outlined in an earlier article, the Alberta Legislature recently introduced Bill 27: the Conflicts of Interest Amendment Act.
By Predrag Tomic
The New Rules are substantially similar to the Surrogate Rules, but not an exact copy. For example, the New Rules allow for a summary process with for administering small estates with a net value less than $35,000.
By Ryan Krushelnitzky
A builders' lien is a new right created by lien legislation that would not otherwise exist at common law.
By Matthew Turzansky, Ryan Krushelnitzky
The scenario is a fairly common one: a contractor doesn't get paid, and then proceeds to register a lien on a project, only to later discover a mistake in the Statement of Lien.
By Ryan Krushelnitzky, Leah McDaniel
Construction projects don't always go as planned.
By Field LLP
Field Law held its second Post-Secondary Summit on November 30, 2017 in Calgary. Brief summaries of the presentations given at the Summit are provided below.
By Field LLP
In the final presentation, Tom O'Reilly offered his insights into the ongoing case of Access Copyright v. York University.
By Field LLP
Kelly Nicholson was the Chair of this panel.
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