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By Field LLP
Where the lease specifies that the Landlord is obligated to take out fire insurance, the tenant is presumed to generally from the insurance proceeds (even where the fire is caused by the tenant's negligence) ...
By Thomas O'Reilly
The second important step businesses operating in Canada should take is to start monitoring all new trademark applications at CIPO.
By Andrew Dominy
The present day is marked by the propagation of cameras in nearly every device and the ability to instantaneously share and spread photos and information.
By Richard Stobbe
This quote sounds like it resonates today.
By Field LLP
A claimant is not required to sue all tort-feasors in order to collect under the OCPF 44 Endorsement (and the Alberta SEF 44 Endorsement).
By Field LLP
The Plaintiff and Defendant were long-time friends on a two-week motorcycle trip through the Western United States in August 2014.
By Field LLP
Nasr Hospitality Services Inc. [NHS] was flooded January 31, 2013 in Ontario. The loss was immediately reported to the insurer, Intact.
By Field LLP
An admission of liability in an action is not a formal admission binding the party making it in a subsequent action relating to the same accident, but is only evidence in the second action to be attributed...
By Field LLP
An Insured has no obligation to include an Insurer's subrogated claim in an action to recover losses in excess of its insurance coverage.
By Field LLP
A tenant of a shopping centre may be an "occupier" of a sidewalk in front of its leased premises in some circumstances, or owe visitors a common law duty of care regarding same ...
By Field LLP
An Ontario court declined to order a personal injury Plaintiff who had posted pre-accident activities on her public Facebook profile to produce her private profile, even where she planned to call...
By Chloe Mathioudakis, Mark Mielke
Canada's plans for cannabis legalization are slowly rolling into focus. While many of the details of the regulatory framework are still under review ..
By Catriona Otto-Johnston
The consultant plays an important role in any construction project.
By Predrag Tomic
Perhaps encouraged by the recent decision in Marasse Estate, we have another recent case from the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench addressing an estate's ability to claim spousal support...
By Catriona Otto-Johnston
The consultant plays an important role in any construction project.
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