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By Dominic Clarke, David Mackenzie, Harrison Nemirov
On April 9th 2018 87 million people around the globe were notified that the personal information contained on their Facebook profiles had been accessed without their consent. ...
By John Polyzogopoulos
Following are summaries of this week's civil decisions of the Ontario Court of Appeal.
By Danny Giantsopoulos
In anticipation of the federal legalization of recreational cannabis by the end of 2018, Ontario has passed new laws to regulate the drug's growth, consumption, and distribution.
By Kym Stasiuk
The recreational cannabis industry has always existed. But, if all goes as planned, a new one will be born in Canada this summer, anointed with the blessing of the laws of the land.
By John Polyzogopoulos
In a lengthy decision in Tremblay v Ottawa (Police Services Board), the Court set aside an award of damages against the Ottawa police for false arrest ...
By Christopher McClelland
In one of its last acts prior to the issuing of writs for the upcoming general election, the Ontario government passed the Pay Transparency Act, 2018 (the "Act") on April 26, 2018.
By John Polyzogopoulos
In a case that has received much media and judicial attention, Yaiguaje v Chevron Corporation, it appears that the Court has finally put an end to the matter.
By John Polyzogopoulos
Off the top, I would like to congratulate our very own Roger Horst and Rafal Szymanski on successfully representing the respondent in Correct Building Corporation v. Lehman.
By Stephen Moore
MUCH HAS BEEN WRITTEN about autonomous vehicles and how they will change the automobile manufacturing, insurance and trucking businesses.
By Eric J. Schjerning
In an attempt to keep LTD counsel apprised of any significant LTD case law, Eric Schjerning will send this update whenever warranted by new case law. It may be 4 times per year or only once
By John Polyzogopoulos
Following are summaries of this week's civil decisions of the Court of Appeal of Ontario.
By Bianca Pedro
The Ontario Court of Appeal[1] has now confirmed that claims for contribution and indemnity under section 18 of the Limitations Act, 2002 are subject to discoverability.
By Dena Givari
Yes, there is something to be said on this topic. The first page of the Google search results for the term "smart contracts blockchain" shows an article with the following first line ...
By Shawn Wolfson, Roman Pekaruk, Steven P. Jeffery, Kym Stasiuk
Canada's economy, especially in the province of Ontario, has been one of the best performers among industrialised countries over the last few years.
By Blaney McMurtry LLP
Following are summaries of this week's civil decisions of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.
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