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By Ingrid De Freitas
On Nov. 1, 2018, new "checks" on the police record check system will be in force under Ontario's Police Record Checks Reform Act.
By Lorraine Mastersmith, Elisa Scali, Sarah Crowe
Swedish telecommunications firm Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) completed its acquisition of 100% of the shares in CENX, a service assurance and network analytics firm.
By Emilie Feil-Fraser
The decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court on September 12, 2018 in Copytrack Pte Ltd v. Wall
By Jocelyn S. Paulley
The barriers to entry to the world of retail have reduced significantly with the rise of e-commerce.
By Aurore Dangel
An offer to purchase an immovable property is as crucial a step in the purchase process for the seller as it is for the buyer.
By Rodrigue Escayola
We are only days away from the Federal legalization of cannabis. In response to this legislative change, many condominium corporations have decided to implement rules to address smoking ...
By Vanessa Delnaud
Gowling WLG's Gowling WLG's commercial/intellectual property team team looks at the mandatory steps that need to be taken to import and put cosmetics and perfume products on the UAE market.
By Shaela W. Rae
Black market. Dark web. Illicit. Underground market. Illegitimate. Illegal. Organized crime. All words used to describe the illegal cannabis industry, until October 17, 2018 that is.
By Natalie Rizkalla-Kamel, Monique M. Couture
With the legalization of recreational cannabis set for October 17, 2018, cannabis companies are flooding the Canadian trademarks register with an array of new trademark applications.
By Gowling WLG
While the legalization of recreational cannabis is just around the corner, for the many companies that produce cannabis in Canada, the road to legalization began many months, and in some case years ago.
By Gowling WLG
Following months of uncertainty surrounding the way US Border Patrol officers will assess those working in and around Canada's legalized cannabis industry, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)...
By P.A. Neena Gupta, Sebastien Pepin
On October 17, 2018, Canada will legalize the possession and the consumption of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. What does this mean for landlords? Eighty-five percent of landlords...
By Gowling WLG
A new national cannabis reporting and tracking system will launch on October 17, 2018 concurrently with the coming into force of the Cannabis Act.
By Gowling WLG
On August 13, the new Ontario PC government announced its plans to revamp the province's approach to cannabis legalization and retail.
By Cam Cameron
On September, 27, 2018, Bill-36 (the Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018) was introduced by the Ontario government. If passed, it will, inter alia, enact the Cannabis License Act...
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