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By Peter Frattarelli
Earlier this year, in an effort to encourage employees to utilize public transportation and van pooling when traveling to and from work, Governor Murphy signed a law making New Jersey
By Gregory Palakow, Peter Frattarelli
It was hard to miss the media coverage of the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") raids which took place at multiple food processing plants in Mississippi last week.
By Archer & Greiner
During the course of a marriage, couples accumulate what is known as the "marital estate." During the divorce, that estate must be divided
By Marie E. Lihotz
If you know appellate judges, you know they are all about style.
By Archer & Greiner
In the latest effort across the country to address the "glass ceiling" and pay inequity issues, New Jersey recently passed a new law to significantly limit salary information that can be obtained
By Lori Grifa
On August 5, 2019, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority ("NJSEA") released its Draft Hackensack Meadowlands District Master Plan update for 2020.
By Daniel DeFiglio, Anthony Fassano
Bill Murray's words in the 1993 classic Groundhog Day have so far withstood the test of time.
By Archer & Greiner
There are two primary issues to address when dealing with custody, legal and physical custody. Legal custody determines who has the responsibility making decisions regarding the health, religion, education and welfare of the chid(ren).
By Archer & Greiner
Earlier this month, Governor Murphy signed the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act (CUMCA), which amended the state's medical marijuana law.
By Archer & Greiner
Thomas Muccifori, in addition to being chair of the trade secret protection and non-compete practice at Archer & Greiner in Haddonfield, is hiring chair, and recruiting and retention partner.
By Archer & Greiner
Recently, Facebook encountered the largest data breach in its history. A hack in September 2018 exploited vulnerabilities in the code that powers the social network and compromised
By Robert Egan, Kate Sherlock
Most cybersecurity news headlines involve massive data breaches affecting millions of individuals. Many small to medium-sized business owners, including lawyers, assume that data breaches are a "big corporation" problem, but U.S
By Carlton L. Johnson, Thomas W. Nardi
Clients operating—or looking to become involved—in the cannabis space face significant challenges: Uncertain legal footing, thin profit margins, tight competition and a stigmatized product, to name but a few.
By Robert Egan
Consumers, employees, and businesses commonly sign agreements that contain provisions that require disputes to be resolved by arbitration, rather than in the courts
By John C. Connell
The Supreme Court's Matal v. Tam decision, ruling the government must grant a trademark to the band called the Slants, offered little guidance for future legal cases.
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