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By Piet Jarman
The test to be applied when deciding about summary judgment is whether there is a real or serious question to be tried.
By Mark Doepel
A review of the market suggests a number of possible reasons for the hesitancy in purchasing standalone cyber insurance.
By Laura Regan
Employers must be aware of risks to morale, privacy and trust if surveillance is not implemented and managed carefully.
By Carolyn Coventry, Gillian Davidson
The case provides useful guidance on considerations to determine liability of various parties on a construction site.
By Tim Castle, Lachlan Wilson
The Bill protects directors to pursue entrepreneurial and innovative restructuring approaches for struggling companies.
By Wyn Davies
The Court ordered internet service providers to block access to overseas websites facilitating copyright infringement.
By Catherine Wilkinson
Workplace Matters is now digital, to make it easier to access and read the latest updates in safety and employment law.
By Wyn Davies
Despite similarities in presentation, there was no real tangible risk of confusing the Aldi products with MIL's.
By Wyn Davies
A Special K trade mark application was filed for use relating to sportswear, tennis racquets and sports competitions.
By Wyn Davies
If passed, this new media reform could save traditional broadcasters up to $90 million per year in licence fees.
By Wyn Davies
This case highlights the need for businesses to avoid using product names that allude to high-profile individuals.
By Andrew Ross
The Queensland Government is by far the state's largest employer so an effective performance management process is vital.
By Rani Aria Retnam
Employers must ensure they follow all policies, codes of conduct and guidelines in the workplace in a reasonable manner.
By Gillian Davidson
The NSW Court of Appeal found that there was no evidence that Woolworths' system of cleaning could have been improved.
By Matthew Smith
This Bill signals a greater focus on safety regulation, by introducing a criminal offence of "industrial manslaughter".
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