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By Charlotte Henley, Ruvini Rendle
Who owns copyright depends on the circumstances surrounding the creation of the copyright work.
By Sheana Wheeldon, Charlotte Henley
NZ businesses occasionally come to grief after "borrowing" an overseas brand that has not been launched in New Zealand.
By Dan Hughes, Tyrone Cooley
A recent decision emphasises the need for directors to examine their D&O insurance to ensure adequate defence coverage.
By John Land, David Campbell, Imelda-Rose Sheerin, Hayden Wilson
We delve into some of the key decisions from 2012 so far and highlight the upcoming Universal Music/EMI Music decision.
By Hayden Wilson
This case is a reminder that it is unlawful to discriminate against a person on the basis that they have a disability.
For those who have not visited the country, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is likely to be an unknown quantity – similar to an Arabian epic novel of noble men in flowing robes, picturesque desert and perhaps the odd camel. For those who have cursory knowledge of the UAE, its significant oil & gas reserves and Dubai’s recent debt troubles may be the first matters that come to mind. Whatever camp they fall in, New Zealand businesses looking for new markets may not get too excited about either the
By Sheana Wheeldon, Sheana Wheeldon
New Zealand has recently adopted a new dispute resolution procedure for resolving .nz domain name disputes. Under the new procedure, you can lodge a complaint with InternetNZ where a third party has registered or is using a domain name that is identical or similar to a name in which you have rights. This came into effect on 1 June 2006.