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By William DeVinney
In a 5-4 decision in Ohio v. American Express, the Supreme Court affirmed that the anti-steering provisions of American Express's merchant agreement do not violate Section 1 of the Sherman Act.
By Alan Friel, Niloufar Massachi
On Thursday, June 22, 2018, a previously dead California Assembly bill, AB 375, was revised as a proposed alternative to the ballot initiative known as the CCPA, which is expected to be on the November ballot.
By Lars H. Fuller
(Excerpted from "Retail Bankruptcies – Protections for Landlords," Practical Law Journal, May 2018, by Lars Fuller)
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC or Commission), responding to what it calls "broad-based changes in the economy, evolving business practices, new technologies...
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
On June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court handed down a decision that eliminated a foundational concept in e-commerce.
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
The advertisement is kind of brilliant.
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
In July 2017, Halo Top became the best-selling ice cream brand in the United States.
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
The rising popularity of biofeedback technologies is a manifestation of our culture's infatuation with personal tracking and measurement.
By Adam Higgins
Below is the Federal Policy team's weekly preview, published each Monday that Congress is in session.
By Alan Friel, Niloufar Massachi
On June 28, 2018, California lawmakers passed Assembly Bill 375 and Gov. Jerry Brown signed it into law as the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ...
By Gregory Mersol
The Sixth Circuit has issued an opinion involving a number of class action and employment issues in a case arising out of an unusual fact pattern ...
By Alan Friel, Niloufar Massachi
California has passed an unprecedented privacy law that protects consumers' rights by providing them with a greater degree of transparency and choice with respect to their personal information online.
By Eben Clark
Ground leases are fairly common but sometimes overlooked property interests.
By Ronald Linville, Amanda L. Godzinski, Daniel J. Guttman
In its 5-4 decision in Janus v. AFSCME Council 31, the U.S. Supreme Court held that public employees can no longer be compelled to pay "agency fees" to unions they refuse to join.
By Alan Friel, Holly Melton
Vermont has been keeping busy. We recently covered the Green Mountain State's aggressive anti-data broker legislation passed in May 2018, the first of its kind in the United States.
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