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By Talia Gordner
The case involves property owners who had rented their premises to a dry cleaning business in the early-to-mid 1990s.
By John Polyzogopoulos
Following are summaries of this week's civil decisions of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. There were some interesting decisions.
By Blaney McMurtry LLP
Below are this week's Court of Appeal summaries. Topics included security for costs, bankruptcy and insolvency, family law, real property & condo law, as well as several procedural decisions.
By Laina Smith
For-benefit corporations are a modification of for-profit corporations committed to a "triple P bottom line" -- people, profit and the planet.
By Michael Gilburt, Horatiu Porime
In recent years, the retail landscape has taken a novel turn with the rise of pop-up shops, which occupy retail space for short periods, anywhere from a few hours to over a year.
By Blaney McMurtry LLP
Topics covered this week included rectification of contracts (life insurance policy), third party assessments of lawyers' accounts, wrongful dismissal ...
By Lauren Rakowski
Often, defendants and their insurers wonder why plaintiffs get away with delaying litigation for so long, without courts dismissing their actions for delay.
By David Mackenzie
At Blaney McMurtry, our clients and their policyholders regularly face the uncertainty of evolving cyber risk.
By John Polyzogopoulos
In Isaac Estate v. Matuszynska, a majority of the court upheld the motion judge's application of the doctrine of "emergency" when determining the defendants' standard of care in a wrongful death case.
By Talia Gordner
On November 6, 2017, the Court of Appeal issued its decision in Sorbam Investments Ltd v Litwack, 2017 ONCA 850, dismissing the plaintiff's appeal of Justice Elizabeth C. Sheard's decision ...
By Blaney McMurtry LLP
Below are this week's Court of Appeal summaries. Topics covered this week included family law (equalization of pension and child abduction), slip and falls, false arrest ...
By Chad Kopach, Lea Nebel
In Valard Construction v Bird Construction, released yesterday (February 15, 2018), the Supreme Court has revealed a long-held misunderstanding in the construction industry ...
By John Polyzogopoulos
The Supreme Court of Canada clearly came down on the side of favouring freedom of the press and expression over the importance of protecting the privacy rights of victims of crime.
By John Polyzogopoulos
Michele Warner, for the respondent, the Person in Charge of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
By Ralph Cuervo-Lorens
On March 1, 2018, a revised federal Voluntary Disclosures Program (VDP) will come into effect. The VDP provides taxpayers with an opportunity to voluntarily disclose and correct prior errors ...
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