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By Genevieve Larson, Kelina M. Smith
The news has been highlighting the upcoming wave of initial public offerings (IPOs), and as these successful startups are preparing for their impending major liquidity event, there is tremendous buzz focused...
By Joseph Morales
Join our host Joe Morales as he discusses recent legal developments including details regarding a U.S. Supreme Court case.
By Diana Wierbicki, Sarah Verano
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit, otherwise known as the Met Gala, "the Oscars of the East Coast," or "the party of the year,"
By Alana Petraske, Lawton C. Leung, Steven Chidester, Paul Roy, Diana Wierbicki, Dean Nicyper, Eleni Polycarpou, Kimberly Almazan, Simon Chadwick, Celia Lloyd Davidson, Amanda Rottermund, Sarah Verano, Brooke Schneider, Kenneth Mullen, Reaz Jafri, Theda Fisher
Last month, the Legal Issues in Museum Administration conference, which provides focused guidance on the legal and business issues that have impacted the museum world for over 40 years,
By Michael Rueda
Beginning this fall, Indiana University ("IU") will begin serving beer and wine during football games. IU joins a growing number of universities that have rolled out similar programs in recent years.
By Julia Abrey, Judith Ingham, Sophie Le Breton
A living will is a document in which a person, whilst still mentally competent, gives directions as to what should happen if and when he or she becomes incapable of making decisions
By Georgie Moule
The worry that an employee might not be working from home as expected is nothing new. However, as more companies adopt flexible working practices and allow employees to work from home,
By Natasha Stourton, Stephen Richards
It can be an honour to be appointed executor/trustee; that someone trusts you to look after their assets and act in the best interests of their loved ones. But it can also be a poisoned chalice.
By Paul Hewitt, Sarah Aughwane
What happens when, mid-proceedings, evidence comes to light that radically alters the landscape of a claim? And who pays the costs?
By Jo Sanders
Facebook announced in April that it is using artificial intelligence to try and prevent notifications being sent to a deceased person's friends and family; an unfortunate automated function
By Maya (nee Ladno) Buckland, Richard Cassell
American donors may qualify for a US charitable estate tax deduction even if assets are left to a non-US charity provided that the charity has purposes which are charitable in the US
By Olivia Bullen
What makes a sustainable and resilient start-up and venture ecosystem? If you ask three different venture capital firms in three different European countries including the UK,
By Olivia Turner, Steven Kempster
A recent court battle which pitted brother against brother over the ownership of three properties and a classic car demonstrates how a simple declaration of trust can prevent misunderstandings
By Stella Riberti, Tommaso Soragni
As announced on 17 April, the Italian Football Association (‘FIGC') has made changes to a number of its regulations, including the introduction of the ‘Regulations on Sports Agents' (the ‘FIGC Regulations')
By Michael Rueda
On March 21st, Papa John's International, Inc. announced that it was appointing NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal to its board of directors. Papa John's also announced that O'Neal
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