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Dillon Eustace
By Andrew Bates, Keith Waine, Rose McKillen
On a monthly basis, EIOPA updates information on the symmetric adjustment of the equity capital charge. The symmetric adjustment to the equity capital charge
By Emmet Quish
The Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") has issued a "Dear CEO" letter to all Regulated Financial Service Providers (the "Firms") regarding their obligations under the Central Bank's Fitness
By Andrew Bates, Keith Waine
On 29 March 2019, the European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA") published an updated questions and answers document ("Q&As") on the application of EU Directive 2009/65/EC
By David Walsh
In conjunction with the work that it is carrying out on closet index-tracking funds, the European Securities and Markets Authority ("ESMA") has published a revised Q&A on UCITS ...
By Conor Keaveny, Richard Lacken
Alternative finance continues to be a developing sphere in the Irish lending market. Crowdfunding is an area of increasing interest, with Ireland's first equity crowdfunding platform ...
By Keith Robinson, David O’Shea
As discussed in our January 2019 briefing, there has been growing awareness of the importance of sustainable finance as part of a multipronged approach to tackling climate change.
By Adrian Benson
Recently, pharmaceutical companies have rejected allegations that they have been pursuing "predatory pricing" for new medicines.
By Philip Lea
On 22 March 2019 the European Union (Anti-Money Laundering: Beneficial Ownership of Corporate Entities) Regulations 2019 (the "Regulations") were signed into law.
By Tara O'Callaghan
ESMA published a revised MAR Q&A on 29th March 2019.
By Tara O'Callaghan, Fionnán Gannon, Helen Daly
The FCA issued a release on 27th March confirming the extension of the notification window for the TPR until the end of 11 April 2019.
By Cillian Bredin
As readers will be aware, the Securities Financing Transactions Regulation entered into force in January of 2016.
By Keith Robinson, David O’Shea
As discussed in our legal briefings in February 2018 and May 2018, the Central Credit Register (the "CCR") was established to develop a "single borrower view" of a borrower's total credit exposure.
By Adrian Benson
The United Kingdom's impending departure from the European Union, in whatever form it eventually takes, has the potential to affect all of your company's contracts with UK counterparts, big and small
By Brian Dillon
The China Bond Connect ("Bond Connect") initiative has been approved by the Central Bank for investment by Irish funds
By Donnacha O'Connor, Cillian Bredin
Following on from our recent publication, the Central Bank of Ireland (the "Central Bank") has now provided additional clarity on a number of key Brexit related matters that will be of relevance
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