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By Edith Ramirez, Joseph G. Krauss, Logan M. Breed
Representatives from antitrust enforcement agencies around the world converged in Washington, D.C. last week to attend the American Bar Association's 67th Spring Meeting of the Section of Antitrust Law.
By David Bastian, Michael A. Hacker, Maria R. Durant, James G. McGovern
In a recent decision that could have critical implications for corporate internal investigations conducted pursuant to a government agency's request, the Southern District of New York expressed concern...
By Benjamin Kostrzewa, Gregory Lisa, Warren H. Maruyama, Jared R. Wessel
President Trump's Memorandum on Combating Trafficking in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods commissions a report, due 30 October 2019, requiring the collection and analysis of information...
By Jason D. Lohr, Celine Jimenez Crowson
As artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are integrated into an increasing number of products and services, protection and enforcement issues involving patents and trade secrets will likely increase.
By Chalid Heyder, Julia Nugroho
Last year, Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia (BANI Arbitration Center) (BANI) published its updated rules and procedures (2018 BANI rules and procedures).
By Leigh L. Oliver, Robert F. Leibenluft
Vertical relationships may be a viable solution for lowering the burden of health care costs, but large-scale mergers of health care providers, hospitals,
By Martin J. Hahn, Brendan C. Quinn, Sam Dietle
Many food and beverage companies are assessing the use of hemp-derived ingredients in their products in light of the 2018 Farm Bill
By Helen Xia, Zhen (Katie) Feng, Eugene Low
On 23 April 2019, both China's Trademark Law (TML) and its Anti-Unfair Competition Law (AUCL) were amended.
By Brian Curran, Aleksandar Dukic, Robert Kyle, Ajay Kuntamukkala, Richard Lorenzo, Allen Pegg, Beth Peters, Stephen Propst, Jonathan Stoel, José Valdivia, III, Roy (Ruoweng) Liu, Ari Fridman, Michael Jacobson, Benjamin Kostrzewa
In a major policy change, the Trump Administration announced that it will no longer suspend the right to sue, thereby allowing lawsuits in U.S. court beginning on 2 May 2019.
By Yvonne Draheim, LL.M. (Stellenbosch), Sabrina Dücker
But what is 3D-printing? Simply put, it is a machine that builds an object out of base materials by successively stacking thin layers of the materials in accordance
By Ayanda Nondwana
In this matter, the claimants approached Ms Moolman in her capacity as a financial advisor for advice on how best to invest their "spare money".
By Gejaa T. Gobena, Lillian Hardy, Matthew Sullivan
New guidance issued by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is the latest confirmation of the importance of implementing a robust compliance program that is not simply well-designed.
By Salomé Cisnal De Ugarte, Raphaël Fleischer, Matt Giles
On 4 April 2019, the European Commission published the much anticipated Report Competition Policy for the digital era (hereinafter referred to as the "Report").
By Sam Dietle
Fueled by the 2018 Farm Bill, consumer interest in cannabis-infused products is at an all-time high. Still, hemp-derived ingredients, including cannabidiol (CBD)
By Vaughn Harrison, Mandi Krebs
The Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi (Minister), has been entrusted with the unenviable task of overseeing South Africa's transition to universal health coverage
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