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By Sunday Han, Xia Wu, Lili Wang
Holding the purpose of cancelling or terminating a labor contract with an employee, the employer would normally initiate a negotiation procedure
By Zhong Xinxia
A is a South Korean trading company engaged in the import and export of scientific instruments. As an employee of A, B invested in and established company C with other colleagues during his employment...
By River Delta Law Firm
Nowadays, in the commercial background, there are some employee get fired out of commercial bribery.
By River Delta Law Firm
In the business secret infringement cases, the court will first examine whether the information in question is qualified as business secret.
By River Delta Law Firm
False reimbursement is one of the common conditions for employees who seriously violated the employment rules, especially in marketing and sales positions.
By River Delta Law Firm
Mr.Wang joined in Construction Company A in 1997 as an manager with no written agreement about remuneration.
By River Delta Law Firm
Self-paid expenses of medical treatment for work-related injury is not a legal terminology.
By River Delta Law Firm
On cases deciding the nature of part-time employment, judicial authority will first and foremost focus on the working hours.