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By Ashima Obhan, Akanksha Dua
ECBs are commercial loans raised by eligible resident entities from recognised non-resident entities which should always conform to the parameters prescribed by RBI such as minimum maturity...
By Ashima Obhan, Shivam Patanjali
On July 03, 2019, the Ministry of Home Affairs through a written statement informed the Rajya Sabha that the present Government has no plans on amending the laws on sedition.
By Ashima Obhan, Nishtha Jaisingh
In recent years, there has been increasing clamour and debate around implementing a framework for enabling issuance of shares with Differential Voting Rights ("DVRs")
By Ashima Obhan, Sumathi Chandrashekaran
The works of writers like Enid Blyton, George Eliot, Premchand, and Saki, have come to be embedded in our minds for generations, such as. We associate these names
By Ashima Obhan, Shubhangi Agarwal
The advent of globalization, technological advancements, trans border transactions, frequent employment shifts
By Ashima Obhan, Akanksha Dua
In India, contract labourers are protected by the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition Act), 1970.
By Ashima Obhan, Vrinda Patodia
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) vide a 2012 circular, stipulated that Indian companies which have received FDI and/or made FDI abroad (i.e. overseas investment) in the previous year(s)
By Ashima Obhan, Nishtha Jaisingh
Globally, private equity and venture capital funds have gained prominence as the dominant forms of investment in companies
By Ashima Obhan, Mehak Dhingra
In response to the dramatic changes brought about in content sharing and broadcasting through technological advancements in the digital era, the DPIIT has proposed to amend the Copyright Rules.
By Ashima Obhan, Shivam Patanjali
The theory of separability for arbitration agreements has been developed over time.
By Essenese Obhan, Aparna Kareer
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of India, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
By Ashima Obhan, Vrinda Patodia
In a move to better the lives of the differently abled in India, the Government of India, enacted the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 ("Act").
By Essenese Obhan, Nikhita Tripathi
The Patent Rules, 2003 are proposed to be amended by Draft Rule 21 Sub-rule (2) and Sub-rule (3), Draft Rule 131 Sub-rule (2), and updated Form-27.
By Essenese Obhan, Mehak Dhingra
Before applying for a company name in India, a stakeholder is required to ensure that the proposed name does not contain any word as prohibited under the Companies Act, 2013 read with the Companies Rules, 2014.
By Ashima Obhan, Shubhangi Agarwal
In one of our Articles published in September-Amendments to the Negotiable Instruments Act, we discussed the amendments that were brought to the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881