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By Brian Powles
Reasonable management action may constitute bullying if the manner, form or frequency it is engaged in is unreasonable.
By Brian Powles
Australian law of independent contractor relationships is confusing and unsatisfactory, so it would be wise to take heed.
By Brian Powles
If employers wish to incorporate another system of law into a contract, it is essential that the contract is clear.
By Alison Freeman
Discussion of HC case regarding protections offered by the FWA which are designed to defend the right to political opinion.
By Brendon Zhu
If elected his Labor government will override, with legislation, the decision of the independent umpire on penalty rates.
By Alison Freeman
3 Cases show that even when employees behave badly, employers need to follow protocol throughout the termination process.
By Brian Powles
An employee does not have to tell a co-worker to stop behaving in a certain way for the behaviours to be misconduct.
By Brian Powles
Employers cannot simply rely upon one medical opinion in isolation, if another opinion with a different prognosis exists.
By Helen Carter
The dismissal of an employee is personally difficult and may create potential legal implications if not done correctly.
By Brian Powles
Consider your options carefully before signing away your case on a 'no win no fee' promise of employment litigation.
By Shue Yin Lo
The FWC decision that most employee dismissals should be communicated in person may place small business owners at risk.
By Alison Freeman
The Fair Work Commission shows little tolerance for inappropriate workplace behaviour in Australia in the #metoo era.
By Alison Freeman
Employers should review employment frameworks, with increases to minimum wages and proposed changes to modern awards.
By Jacob Reddie
It is possible for employers to manage situations involving employees or job applicants with criminal records carefully.
By Brian Powles
Determining a notice period, on recruitment and on resignation, is critical and varies with the needs of each business.