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By Jadon Wolmarans
We all know of the high-end jewellery brands being counterfeited across the world with hundreds of thousands of counterfeit jewellery items being seized in markets in, and at, the borders of most countries.
By Luyanda Ntuli
The digital era has brought about several advancements in everyday life.
By Sonica Wilken, Derek Momberg
Clients often enquire about the necessity of an intellectual property (IP) valuation as opposed to a standard accounting valuation.
By Chezanne Haigh
At its iPhone 11 Pro unveiling, Apple showed off the new slow-motion selfies feature to the iPhone 11 models – or as Apple jokingly referred to them as "Slofies".
By Sonica Wilken
Intellectual property holding companies (IPHCo's) are registered with the purpose of managing and holding a business or group's intellectual property assets such as patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, trade secrets and other proprietary know-how.
By Nola Bond
Jewellery, like all great crafts, is the domain of inspired, talented and creative designers who can blend the magic of metals, precious stones, natural materials and artistry with a vision ...
By Refiloe Nene
A trade mark is filed based on actual use thereof or an intention to use the trade mark. Where there is no intention to use, a trade mark ...
By Pamela Maluleke
Throughout history, necklaces, beadwork and jewellery designs have always featured in African culture, as a decorative feature,...
By Alwyn Dippenaar
You are heading off to a lecture room, excited to attend this particular lecture as it is taught by your favourite Professor who has a habit of sharing daily pearls of wisdom.
By Mercia Fynn
The latest social media trend to go viral is the face-altering software FaceApp, which uses a filter to make users look older.
By Tevin Jones
Here we offer insight into the above "contrary to law" provision, particularly insofar as it relates to the controversial discussion regarding the partial legalization of cannabis in South Africa, and its effects on trade mark law in South Africa
By Sonica Wilken
The International Accounting Standards 38 (IAS 38) defines an intangible asset as: "an identifiable non-monetary asset without physical substance." The International Financial Reporting Standards
By Karen Kitchen
Often knock off products imported into the local South African market replicate well-known brands, and an analysis needs to be done to determine if the owner of the legitimate well-known ...
By Tammi Pretorius
The Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) been busy at work in the last few months, having issued just under 100 published decisions since it first opened its doors in November 2018,...
Patients often go for second medical opinions, especially when the diagnosis is bad news. The same should go for patentability as well,...
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