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By Zisha Rizvi
"The Prophet Muhammad (resorted to) arbitration to resolve disputes and (recommended) others to use it.
By STA Law Firm
The impact of globalization and elimination of trade barriers is considered to be an economic merit that consolidated the domestic markets of the world under one roof.
By M Kaul
Renowned author and entrepreneur, Mark Twain, once said, ‘tax is a fine for doing well; whereas, a fine is a tax for doing wrong.'
By STA Law Firm
In the complex and technical world of construction and large manufacturing projects, the contracts and negotiations on the terms of an agreement between the parties are a means to keep the complex relation...
By M Kaul
The advent of the year 2015 has seen a lot of political and economic skepticism unfolding in the form of the Brexit vote, demonetization in India...
By Reem Ali, George SK
Although globalization is advancing at the seams of the 21st century, it remains unclear as to when will the legal systems across the world harmonize.
By Rini Agarwal
People seek the assistance of professionals with the view of obtaining expert advice on matters that are beyond their proficiency or expertise.
By STA Law Firm
There is practically no business segment to whom JAFZA does not offer its outstanding services.
By STA Law Firm
It is, in fact, the ability to consciously use our brains that separate us, the human race, from other animals we term as ‘wild.'
By George SK, Zisha Rizvi
Jurisdiction (by default) is the practical and ultimate authority within the legal society to administer, review and to execute laws and regulations within a well-defined area of region and responsibility.
By STA Law Firm
New and strategic partnerships can be a great way to reinvigorate a dull and lackluster business.
By STA Law Firm
The JAFZA is globally renowned for its business friendly corporate environment that is deep-rooted in international trade practices and corporate governance structures.
By STA Law Firm
Think about a kid who must complete a 20-page Math homework before hitting the fields to play some ball.
By STA Law Firm
The Singapore Companies Act 1967 was the primary legislation regulating corporate entities in Singapore.
By STA Law Firm
From the printing press to the digital revolution, humankind has been inclined to innovate first and plan later