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By Charlie George
Article discusses the abrupt backflip of the SA licensing scheme and discusses what this means for your business.
By Laura Quarrell
If a company has not updated its registered office, it could be wound up without even knowing about the application.
By Kenneth Stanton, Charlie George
It is hoped that the proposed FTA will grant Australian exporters significantly greater trade access to the EU market.
By Laura Quarrell, Jessica Haddad
Operation of s133 and the application of s133(9) and how caveators can protect their positions.
By Charlie George, Kenneth Stanton
The GDPR contains greater rights for EU individuals, and Australian companies should be aware of these new obligations.
By Kenneth Stanton
China has a first to file trade mark system, so until you register a trade mark, you may not protect your brand in China.
By Kenneth Stanton, Hayden Tonazzi
This recent NSW decision provided some clarity as to the use of electronic signatures in executing business documents.
By Lachlan Roots
Despite these proposed changes, farm debt mediation is overall a relatively inexpensive and efficient process.
By Kenneth Stanton
Australian winemakers need to navigate a maze of regulations to get their product off the vine into the consumer's glass.
By Lachlan Roots
The scheme requires organisations and businesses providing services for children to report any allegations of abuse.
By Kenneth Stanton, Lachlan Roots, Charlie George
If your RTO is a trustee, a quick restructure may be in order to be an Approved Course Provider of VET Student Loans.
By Kenneth Stanton, Lachlan Roots, Charlie George
Being prepared for the changes under the new VET Student Loans scheme may be the difference between sink or swim.
By Kenneth Stanton, Lachlan Roots, Charlie George
Retaining a QC may be tempting, but be prepared to bear the brunt of a costs order if the court deems it unnecessary.
By Kenneth Stanton, Lachlan Roots
A recent UK case considered the rather oxymoronic legal world of the revocability of irrevocable appointments of agents.