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By Rosan Santangelo
Blockchain technology comes with both risks and rewards for industries which handle sensitive personal information.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
Unless the employee can show physiotherapy is 'in relation to' an accepted injury, the Tribunal will not support funding.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
Where there are delays in reporting incidents, licensees may reject claims, particularly if there are credibility issues.
By James Makowiak, Nathan Hepple
When a worker is offered alternative duties but resigns, employers need to prove retirement is not related to the injury.
By Naomi Adams
This case, with one opinion, indicated that the current medical position that lifting can cause hernias may be outdated.
By James Makowiak, Nathan Hepple
A worker applied for promotion, did not succeed, and claimed psychological injury caused by the selection process.
By Michaela Southby
HBA seminars introduce benefits of design thinking for legal services and unpack the main drivers of industry change.
By Naomi Adams
A counselling action can be seen as reasonable administrative action, even if it is undertaken on an informal basis. .
By Mark Birbeck, Melissa Wroe, Sandra Raub
Despite the demand for change in privacy laws, the creation of a serious invasions of privacy tort still seems unclear.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
It must be determined that the employee would not have suffered a disease if the administrative action was not taken.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
Evidence must establish that the misrepresentation was wilfully false and made without any belief that it was true.
By James Makowiak, Melissa Hurt
An aggravation requires a causal, and not merely consequential, connection between employment and onset of symptoms.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
The Tribunal determined that Mr Moore failed to provide sufficiently compelling reasons for the case to be re-litigated.
By Andrew Gulyas, Nathan Hepple
The ongoing duty to disclose is inoperative in circumstances when legal professional privilege is claimed over documents.
By Brett Ablong, Claire Tota
The Tribunal did not grant an extension for reconsideration because he had not demonstrated good reasons for his delay.