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By Mark Curran
These recent decisions re-classified casual employees as permanent employees, thereby entitling them to annual leave.
By Damien Van Brunschot
Article explores recent case about assault in the workplace & highlights the importance of having a reliable witness at trial.
By Natalie Mason
The briefing considers this data protection regime, with useful compliance information for all health service providers.
By Damian Hegarty
The approach in 'Operation Rolling Thunder' could be indicative of enforcement of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).
By Damien Van Brunschot
Two cases demonstrate the importance of ensuring manual handling training and instruction is provided to all workers.
By Hamish Broadbent
The level of care available to the patient may have been less than that regarded as adequate for patients not in custody.
By Lex Orange
Contracts and subcontracts need to be reviewed and processes should be established for logging payment schedules.
By Damian Hegarty
The purpose of this initial review is to scrutinize and report on the operation and content of the model WHS laws.
By Andrew Bautovich
Any imbalance in power between the parties weighs against arbitration clauses when offered on a standard form basis.
By Damian Hegarty
The first Category 1 conviction has been finalised since the introduction of the model Work Health and Safety Act.
By Olga Sashko
The Plaintiff was awarded significant damages, over a million dollars, which included an award for gratuitous damages.
By Hamish Broadbent
To establish the peer defence, medical practitioners must show that an established practice existed at the alleged time.
By Andrew Bautovich
The OECD has reported that Australia's anti-competitive penalty sanctions are among the lowest in OECD member countries.
By Damian Hegarty
If the charge of "Industrial Manslaughter" had been in force, would they have pursued a charge under that provision?
By Lex Orange
Contracts and subcontracts need to be reviewed and amended where necessary to provide for the implementation of the act.
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