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By Mike Bajaj
On June 12, 2016 the Permanent Court of Arbitration ruled that China could no longer claim the "nine dash line" on historical or legal grounds to demarcate its portion in the South China Sea.
By Ashok G.V.
One hopes that the needs of the future and the spirit of adventure will drive Indian space policy as opposed to the security of the familiar and the tranquillity of repetition.
By Purvasha Mansharamani, Sheniza Farid
Indian civil aviation industry has undergone a series of changes since the deregulation in the 1990s to 2004.
By Purvasha Mansharamani, Sheniza Farid
In an age of rapid technological innovation and advancement, new technologies are not only pioneers but also spawn new issues particularly legal.
By Purvasha Mansharamani
Intellectual Property (IP) gives the right to the owner/creator/innovator to commercially exploit their invention and stop others from using it without their permission.
By Kumar Sudeep
The Indian Patent Office on 19th February, 2016 released guidelines related to examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs).
By Purvasha Mansharamani
Intellectual property (IP) refers to creations of the mind: inventions; literary and artistic works; and symbols, names and images used in commerce.
By Aahna Mehrotra
""If I said tennis is totally clean, I would be kidding myself [..] I would say there are certainly some short cuts being taken. Not that many, but it would be crazy to think differently." - Nick Bollettieri
By Kumar Sudeep
In filing a civil suit the Plaintiff typically has two options as regards the place where the suit can be filed/instituted:
By Ankit Chaturvedi
To succeed, the website owner would need to first show that the website was copyrighted.
By Amitava Chakraborty, Bagmisikha Puhan
We are in the space age! Where the Indian Budget plans have allocations to the tune of USD 7.4 bn towards the development of space related activities, and sponsored space explorations, we also proudly stand to have been able to make sustainable, cheap missions.
By Amitava Chakraborty
The global space-patent economy is growing by leaps and bounds with respect to export and import volumes in the recent years.
By Amitava Chakraborty
In a recent move, the government has decided to unlock the potential of quite a number of unlisted companies by the means of disinvestment.
By Amitava Chakraborty, Bagmisikha Puhan
Space explorations gained a lot of pace after the successful launch of Sputnik, in 1957.
By Bagmisikha Puhan
This month, the ISS completed its 15 years of continuous human presence in the outer space. Over the past 15 years, the ISS has hosted more than 200 people from about 15 countries.