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Landlords and tenants of commercial leases should be aware of potential complications surrounding market rent reviews.
Employers should familiarise themselves with these changes and notify their casual employees with these provisions.
Providing money to your children to purchase property may seem simple, but it could lead to some difficult legal issues.
By Sonja Daly
While none of us want to think about dementia or death, legal things should be in place now, to reduce the stress later.
By Sonja Daly
There are a number of things that you must consider about the legal system for your adult child with a disability.
A decline in good neighbourly relations brings an increase in disputes, which are distressing, time-consuming and costly.
The law provides that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee on the grounds of disability.
By Watkins Tapsell
Tenants should understand their rights and obligations with respect to air-conditioning, as specified in the lease.
By Tiana Daly
If employees have access to your business processes, know-how and trade secrets, you may have to protect your business.
By Jamie Roche
What to do and what not to do when separating eg. try mediation to resolve matters rather than going to court .
By Deva Saraswati, Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Sonja Daly
All businesses should have policies, procedures and training programs regarding data breaches.
By Sonja Daly
If you have received a statement of claim, you have 28 days to consider your options and, if necessary, file a defence.
By Deva Saraswati
The Privacy Act and National Privacy Principles set out the obligations of businesses in relation to private information.
By Tiana Daly
The accounting firm shut its eyes to the underpayments in a manner that amounted to connivance in the contraventions.
By Tiana Daly, Jamie Roche, Deva Saraswati
The changes mean that franchisors are likely to be held responsible for franchisees' failure to pay employees correctly.