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By Max Grebenschikov
Estimating state taxes is generally easier when you operate in only one state. However, manufacturers and distributors that cross state lines may be subject to taxes ...
By Robert Swenson
For growing companies, equity-based compensation is a powerful tool for attracting and retaining executives and other key employees.
By Robert Swenson
If a business dedicates resources to creating or improving products, processes or software, it may be eligible for substantial federal tax credits for increasing research activities.
By Harry Fox
As competition continues to increase for contributions, donors have begun to look for more accountability and transparency from not-for-profits, especially regarding fundraising.
By Michael Kovacs
As a way of encouraging long-term employment, employee benefit plans often provide a combination of vested and non-vested assets.
By Adam Pechin
According to a report by Casey Quirk of Deloitte, 72% of money invested into funds went into passive funds in 2015.
By Jason Flahive
In the pay-for-outcomes healthcare world that the industry is moving toward...
By Amanda Gutierrez
Technology continues to grow and expand. In today's evolving society, individuals look to social media to be informed and connect with one another.
By Larry Ruff
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced the 2018 cost-of-living adjustments for transportation programs and retirement and health and welfare plans.
By Joel Herman
Timekeeping is a necessary evil for every law firm. Even attorneys who work on contingency fee arrangements need to keep adequate documentation of their time in order to obtain court-awarded fees
By Seamus Donoghue
Many small manufacturing businesses are run by families. Unfortunately, when business and personal lives are so intertwined...
By Adam Guldan
A common challenge for manufacturers is the shortage of skilled workers.
By Thomas Kosinski
Employers have offered key employees numerous types of incentives and awards...
By Jacqueline Janczewski
Roth IRAs—with their promise of tax-free growth and withdrawals—are appealing retirement savings vehicles.
By Adam Levine, CPA
Every business requires comprehensive insurance coverage to protect its assets and income.
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