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By Anne Beason
For medical practices, malpractice insurance is essential but does not necessarily cover every potential problem that may arise.
By Larry Sophian
Physicians have all they can do to focus on providing excellent care to patients while maintaining practice profitability.
By Robert Swenson
Investors willing to make long-term investments in distressed communities now have a powerful tax incentive for doing so—the Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) program,
By Anne Beason
In today's world, most business and medical practices do not suffer from being too efficient in their operations.
By Kelly Buchheit
Developing a fair wage structure requires adequate research and detailed job descriptions.
By Jacqueline Janczewski
Thanks to Hollywood, many lawyers and clients have come to see spacious office suites as signs of success.
By Kalman Shiner, CPA
Every firm was placed in a quartile based on performance.
By Tamara Partridge
Investments in the funds can bring some impressive tax benefits.
By Kadir Sunardio
The commercial real estate market has been steadily improving since the 2008 financial crisis.
By Sarah Widlock
A newly launched start-up, Wethos, matches not-for-profits of all sizes with skilled, affordable freelancers.
By Kenneth Tornheim
Ratios also are an invaluable tool for your leaders' decision-making.
By Stephen P. Van Oss
If you are low on cash and need funds to pay for college tuition, unexpected medical bills, mortgage payments or other expenses, one option is to borrow against the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy.
By Adam Guldan
According to the Wall Street Journal, cash was the best performing asset class in 2018. However, many investors shy away from cash investments, such as Treasury bills, money market funds and savings accounts.
By Robert Swenson
A vacation home can be many things to different people.
By Robert Swenson
Any interest in excess of those amounts is limited to 30% of adjusted taxable income.
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