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By Reece Walker, Ben Wood, Naomi Benton
ASIC proposes to retain ASIC class waivers introduced to allow fintech businesses to freely test particular services.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Peter Williams, Melissa Hill
Energy & Resources M&A Transaction Guide: doctrine of good faith for common law in Australia remains a live issue.
By Louise Horrocks, Michael Roche
The EV, battery storage development and renewable energy technology represent huge opportunities for Australian mining.
By Brad Russell, Brooke Jacobs, James Lynagh
It is difficult for a labour hire employer to avoid responsibility for negligent acts inflicted by its employees in Qld.
By Brad Russell, Brooke Jacobs
Legal developments in Qld affect labour hire and elevate the importance of revisiting contracts and insurance programs.
By Troy Webb
Practical tips for commencing statutory prosecutions by way of complaint and summons in the Magistrates Court of Queensland.
By John Kettle
This article discusses the Australian energy market and the policies effecting it.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Peter Williams, Melissa Hill
For both buyers and sellers, this article discusses warranties and how to limit your liability without killing the deal. .
By Louise Horrocks, Damien Clarke, Tim Hanmore, John Kettle, Ren Niemann
New ARENA investment plan and investment priorities will underpin part of the merit assessment for its funding programs.
By Matt Bradbury, Jason Munstermann
Beware of payment claims and the potentially severe consequences under SOPA of failing to respond in time. .
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Peter Williams, Melissa Hill
An upstream pre-emption provision is simple in concept but can be riddled with complications and unintended consequences. .
By Reece Walker, Ben Wood
ASIC recently entered into an agreement to share information with the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) .
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, John Kettle, Derek Pocock
The outlook foresees an upside for coal and gas reserves, happy days for renewables, and a glimmer of hope for uranium.
By Duncan Bedford, Andrew Bukowski
When the stocktake period ends, penalties apply to foreign investors who haven't registered their water entitlements.
By Matt Bradbury, Bill Morrissey, Michael Rochester, Ren Niemann, Russell Thirgood, Alex Power, Brittany Parker, Joseph Jones, Erika Williams
Explains the new construction and licensing laws in Queensland and how they may affect organisations.
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