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By Belinda Breakspear, Paul McLachlan, Alex Hutchens, John Kettle
Recent NZ HC decision illustrates the importance of considering a work in its entirety when assessing copyright.
By Stuart MacNaughton, Rachel Jones, Alesia Shard
Conditions of development approval attach to land and bind successors in title, even where the land is reconfigured.
By Michael Moy, Tim Longwill, Cameron Dean, Scarlet Reid, Tom Reaburn
Individuals may be liable to personally pay penalties for breaches of the FW Act and potentially the model WHS laws. .
By Reece Walker, Brad Russell, Ben Wood, Kathryn Morgan
GetSwift is facing an ASIC investigation for purportedly failing to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations.
By Alex Hutchens, Paul McLachlan, John Kettle, William McCullough
The inquiry will examine how these technology giants are disrupting the media and advertising landscape in Australia.
By Kristan Conlon, Ian Hazzard, Kirby Jukes, Hayden Bentley, Melinda Peters, Andrew Muir, Emile McPhee
Buyers of new residential premises or land within a subdivision may need to remit part of the purchase price to the ATO.
By Peter Stokes, Xavier Milne, Amy Arbuckle
A court may impose a more onerous obligation than the implied undertaking in exceptional circumstances. .
By Belinda Breakspear, Caroline Law-Walsh
The court determined that Pokémon (TPCI) could not show that it suffered loss or damage, so damages were only nominal.
By Tim Case, Alan Wrigley
The discussion put forward is particularly relevant to the commission of white-collar crime offences such as fraud.
By Peter Stokes, Siobhan Moloney
A freezing order ensures that a white collar criminal cannot transfer assets before judgment is delivered.
By Michael Moy, Tim Longwill, Scarlet Reid, Cameron Dean
Recent QIRC decision requires all union parties must agree to a ballot before a ballot can occur.
By Damien Clarke, Louise Horrocks, Peter Williams, Melissa Hill, Andreea Turcas
This article looks closely at representations and warranties in M&A transactions.
By Alex Hutchens, Paul McLachlan, Belinda Breakspear, William McCullough, Jeremy Perier, Matthew McMillan, Caroline Law-Walsh
The Privacy Act 1988 now requires agencies and organisations to notify affected individuals of certain data breaches.
By Belinda Breakspear, Danielle Jepson
The trade mark is now registered, less than two months before the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is due to commence.
By John Kettle
While Australia's energy mix may be a policy decision, what everyone really needs is reliability at a reasonable price.
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