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By Ranjan Narula, Manav Kumar
With a thriving film industry in India, the expectation would be that publicity and image rights laws are firmly established.
By Ranjan Narula, Rajiv Suri
The Indian courts have gone beyond the text of the statutes to protect the worldwide reputation that any trademark or commercial sign can acquire by virtue of its use, promotion or advertisement
By Ranjan Narula
The parallel imports saga has seen many twists and turns, with conflicting views emerging from the courts and the customs authorities.
By Ranjan Narula, Abhishek Nangia
The importance of trade dress has been reinforced by judicial precedents which have made clear that products are purchased not just by reference to brand names, but also to their overall presentation
By Sahil Yadav
In another twist to the ‘parallel imports’ saga, the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) has issued a circular dated May 8 2012 that aimed to dispel the uncertainty resulting from the conflicting views that emerged from the Samsung and Dell cases in relation to the import of genuine goods procured without the consent of the registered trademark owner.