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By James Kondopulos, Bobby Sangha
As an employer, if you organize a company party or similar work-related social gathering for your employees, you have certain legal responsibilities.
By Jennifer Devins
In Gaucher v. Fraser Health Authority and others, 2019 BCHRT 243, the Human Rights Tribunal dismissed without a hearing the human rights complaint of a nurse regarding her attempts to return...
By Jennifer Russell
Jessica Yaniv is a transgender woman who filed seven human rights complaints against multiple defendants relating to the denial of waxing services. In five cases, she requested waxing of her scrotum
By Danny Bernstein, Bobby Sangha
A recent summary trial decision from the B.C. Supreme Court confirms that claims arising from breaches of the B.C. Employment ...
By Andrew Nicholl
Bill 30 introduced new contract retendering successorship provisions in section 35 of the Labour Relations Code (the "Code"). Our firm has commented previously that the new provisions
By Alissa Demerse
Most employers are aware that the health and safety of their workers is one of the most important considerations on a worksite.
By Carrie Koperski
In Dawe v. The Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada, 2019 ONCA 512, the employee, Michael Dawe, sued the Defendant for wrongful dismissal after he was dismissed from employment without cause at the age of 62.
By Melissa Dhillon
Reza Baraty alleged he was constructively dismissed from his position with Wellons Canada Corp. ("Wellons"). He considered: (1) his position to have been eroded...
By Brandon Hillis, James Kondopulos
A federal election will be held on Monday, October 21, 2019. As a service to our clients and other interested parties, we are publishing this bulletin on the obligations owed by employers
By Gabrielle Scorer
With the demise of mandatory retirement many people are now working past age 65. What impact does age have on the assessment of the reasonable notice period?
By Christopher Munroe
Federally-regulated employers take note: significant changes to employment standards under the Canada Labour Code come into effect on September 1, 2019.
By Drew Demerse
The legalization of cannabis has and will continue to affect a great number of things in our country — from policing to residential leasing to the air quality at the Santa Claus parade
By Jacqueline Gant
In Zigomanis v. 2156775 Ontario Inc. (D'Angelo Brands), 2018 ONCA 116, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a lower court decision that a professional hockey player's nude selfies
By James Kondopulos
No, the BC test for family status discrimination has not been the subject of a survey question on TV's popular game show, Family Feud.
By Drew Demerse
Drug and alcohol testing has become both more common, and more accepted, in safety sensitive workplaces.