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By Adam Ward
Private receivership appointments are still occurring, both by court appointment and non-bank secured creditors.
By Brendan Giles
It is expected that one-year bankruptcy could provide a compelling alternative to debt agreements for consumer debtors.
By Con Kokkinos
Employee fraud in small-to-medium businesses could be prevented at little or no cost to a vigilant business owner.
By Mervyn Kitay
These guidelines can assist a director to assess temporary liquidity or a permanent/incurable working capital shortage.
By Paul Burness
Recent legislative changes are the beginning of the end for automatic contract termination due to an insolvency event.
By Stephen Hundy
The director was disqualified from managing corporations for three years, after his involvement in 18 failed companies.
By Philipp Stark
For repayment plans, ensure that you maintain current contact information and payment records to avoid overpayments.
By Scott Andersen
The Phoenix Hotline is where people can report suspected phoenix behaviour to the ATO, so it can pursue wrongdoers.
By James Robba
The ATO can use DPN provisions to force directors of a company to personally pay outstanding PAYG withholding and SGC.
By Andrew Worrell
This article discusses what happens when funds are lent to a company to pay employees, before a liquidation commences.
By Brendan Giles
Statistics show an ongoing trend of steady overall growth in personal insolvencies in Australia since June 2015.
By Nathan Deppeler
The PPSA may have succeeded in creating more uncertainty and difficulty than ever existed prior to its introduction.
By Morgan Lane
Property purchased by a life insurance policy is protected, if the purchase is made after the date of bankruptcy.
By Graeme Beattie
This amnesty for employers allows time for unpaid superannuation guarantee amounts to be brought up to date voluntarily.
By Chris Cook
Using credit repair and debt management firms may mean consumers pay high fees and not get the solution they're seeking.