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By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
The term "Private Placement" of securities has been defined distinctively for the very first time in Indian legal and corporate history by the new Companies Act of 2013.
By Sandhya Aggarwal
Ending a tedious seven-year wait, the Securities and Exchange Board of India finally approved the establishment of the Real Estate Investment Trusts in India.
By Sandhya Aggarwal, Anita Aswal
The Electronic Governance of all business-related activities can certainly be very convenient, efficient, transparent, and fully accountable and responsible.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
Stipulation and elucidation of the duties and responsibilities of the directors of a company are a welcome and great contribution of the new company law of India.
By Hemant Goyal, Mohit Porwal
The Internet Domain Names have now become much more than mere representing the websites of different companies on the Internet.
By Ashwin Rajan, Mohit Porwal
Anything which clearly distinguishes a product or service of a company from that of other companies is termed as a trademark or service mark, respectively.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
We list the new requirements for companies below.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
Efficient, Transparent, and Impeccable Corporate Governance is vital for stability, profitability, and desired growth of the business of any organization.
By Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors
One hugely popular and highly preferred category of entity for doing business worldwide, is the limited liability company.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
One of the highly significant provisions introduced by the new Companies Act, 2013 of India, is mandatory inclusion of at least one woman director.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
Limited Liability Partnership is a term introduced in Indian Corporate world on 1st April 2009 via much awaited Act Limited Liability partnership Act 2008.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
The concept of One Person Company has now been introduced in India, through Section 2(62) of Companies Act 2013.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
Corporate Social Responsibility, a term widely use for defining the responsibilities of Corporate world towards the society & environment.
By Hemant Goyal, Sandhya Aggarwal
"The strongest dimension of democracy is the highest degree of participation and not with the ‘degree of freedom or equality’.
By Global Jurix, Advocates & Solicitors
India essentially present a "welcoming and comforting" surroundings to foreign capitalists who are incisive to establish companies and make up jobs here, Corporate Affairs Minister Sachin Pilot has said.