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By Nathan Stack
The property buyer did not consent to the vendors' termination of the contract, so he lodged a caveat over the property.
By Merrill Phillips
Buying property with friends can involve financial and emotional risks and it can end friendships, if things go awry.
By Zohra Ali
This NSW case has illustrated the difficulties a purchaser could face when buying property under an option agreement.
By Merrill Phillips
This case gave off-the-plan apartment buyers a victory over developers who use a sunset clause to renege on a contract.
By Geoff Baldwin
Each situation is of course different, but this article might help to consider if your photograph could breach the law.
By Chris Clarke
A police officer developed post-traumatic stress disorder because of his experience at the motor vehicle accident scene.
By Rita Lahoud
The brothel was insured under a specialised Adult Industry Insurance Policy which provided cover against property damage.
By Geoff Baldwin
Interesting case about the issue of whether religious sanctions could be considered a criminal contempt of court.
By Geoff Baldwin
If you suspect a crime has occurred on your business premises or involving your business assets, you should report it.
By Simone Timbs
The father sought court orders regarding the daughter's schooling, after the mother enrolled her in a Christian school.
By Sophie Lee
The court needed to decide who to blame for the accident - the Skyline driver or the driver of an unidentified vehicle.
By Geoff Baldwin
The Australian Tax Office favours "indicia" – individual criteria to assess whether an activity is a hobby or a business.
By Kurt Topper
Willmakers should get the executor selection right from the outset, to avoid conflict and unnecessary delays and costs.
By Caitlin Drabble
An AVO or a restraining order would protect a person from someone who could stalk, intimidate, threaten or harass them.
By Geoff Baldwin
Businesses are obliged to protect the health and safety of people on the premises, but that may be difficult in practice.
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