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By John Gooley
Drugs sold at parties & festivals are a combination of dangerous chemicals mixed in horrid circumstances by dangerous people.
By Rita Fisher
Discussion of an interesting case regarding dividing up the marital assets post divorce. Can you choose the correct winner?
By John Gooley
Police are likely to be given greater powers to locate concealed drugs.
By Joshua Crowther
Interesting case that debated the capacity of a testator in making his will.
By Julie Mahony
Interesting medico-legal case deciding whether or not a neurosurgeon was negligent.
By Anneka Frayne, Kate Byrne
Home owners converted a caravan into a living area with a bedroom, en-suite and kitchenette without cooking facilities.
By John Gooley
More people are opting to go to court rather than appealing to Revenue NSW, due to a perceived unlikelihood of success.
By Ruth Whisker
Fighting parents should take note: your court files could be accessed by your child in years to come.
By Anneka Frayne
Settlement of a property purchase can be a complex legal process that involves people representing several interests.
By Brett Watts
Intoxicated friends rode unregistered off-road motorcycles (trail bikes) on a NSW road and crashed into each other. .
By John Gooley
Pensioners who are not familiar with computers to check their vehicle registration online, should contact the registry.
By Rita Lahoud
The new owner held the copyright to the building plans and objected to the construction of a house identical to his.
By Merrill Phillips
Changing the use of a non-habitable area into a habitable area should not be done without council approval.
By Tony Mitchell
This change could be an incentive for retirees or people approaching retirement to put more money into superannuation.
By Nathan McEwan
Interesting case regarding the effect of a prenuptial agreement signed on the eve of the wedding. .
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