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By Franz Schwarz
This chapter provides an overview of topics and techniques to consider in the preparation and delivery of opening submissions in international arbitration.
By Gary Born, Adam Raviv
This article examined the widely publicised international arbitration that took place in 2008-2009 to determine the boundaries of the Abyei region of southern Sudan in the wake of decades of civil war.
By Thomas W. White, Alan Wilson
Mr. Bricker also emphasized that as auditors implement the new audit reporting standard, "expectations for timely, ongoing communication will continue to be an important element to the auditor-audit committee relationship."
By Dr. Martin Braun, Frédéric Louis, D. Reed Freeman, Jr., Itsiq Benizri
BCRs are internal rules that define a company's global policy regarding international transfers of personal data within the same corporate group.
By Thomas W. White, Alan Wilson
The Center for Audit Quality and Audit Analytics recently released their 2017 Audit Committee Transparency Barometer.
By David L. Cavanaugh, Michael H. Smith
In this article published by Bloomberg Law's Patent, Trademark & Copyright Journal, authors David Cavanaugh and Michael Smith provide context for issues discussed in the Aqua Products decision...
By Lia Marderosian, Ryan Mitteness
In this article published by Bloomberg Law's Corporate Law & Accountability Report, authors Lia Der Marderosian and Ryan Mitteness explain that while late-stage crossover financings come with significant potential benefits...
By David L. Cavanaugh, Gregory Lantier
New SOP 9 addresses these and other remand issues that have occurred over the past several years.
By David S. Cohen, Ronald Meltzer, David Horn, Semira Nikou
Thus far, the extent to which the Secretaries will exempt otherwise prohibited transactions based on policy objectives is unclear.
By WilmerHale
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By James Carter
International sport arbitration has special characteristics that make it similar to yet also unlike most commercial arbitration, and good advocacy must begin by taking this into account.
By David Rundle
In Baker v. Aetna, (U.S. Northern District Court of Texas, 2017), Charlize Marie Baker filed claims against her employer and Aetna after having been denied benefits under the health plan...
By WilmerHale
Some interesting links we found across the web this week:
By Patrick Carome
Zeran v. AOL may not be a household name, but it is the Internet's most important landmark ruling.
By Richard W. ONeill, Arthur Shum
WilmerHale attorneys review the PTAB body of law to date on obtaining real party-ininterest discovery in AIA post-grant proceedings.
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