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By Michele Bignami
On 10 May 2017, the new Decree concerning freelancers and smart working was finally enacted in Italy. The adoption of this Decree completes the so called "Jobs Act" project which was made up of...
By Laura Lombardini
The Management Committee is the collective body of Port System Authorities hereinafter, "PSAs"), which includes: (i) the President of the PSA, ...
By Luca Toffoletti, Alessandro De Stefano
On January 19, 2017, the Italian Government has adopted the Legislative Decree No. 3/2017 ("Decree"), which has implemented in Italy the Directive No. 2014/104/UE dated November, 26, 2014, ...
By Fabio Marelli
Article 7(2)(m) of Regulation No. 2015/848 (as Article 3 of Regulation No. 1346/2000) provides that the receiver can exercise avoiding powers according to the law of the State where the insolvency procedure is opened (lex concursus).
By Lukas Plattner, Sara Pietra Rossi
Despite being the first wine producer of the world, Italy's wine sector lacks a long-term and wide-ranging strategy capable of addressing competition in the globalized market, competition...
By Luca Brandimarte
Now, as a rule, a private terminal operator can freely enter into contract with its suppliers, maintenance technicians as well as with third parties in general.
By Laura Lombardini
The receiver of a bankrupt joint-stock company sued its directors before the Court of Rome, in order to ascertain their liability, pursuant to Article 146 of Bankruptcy Law.
By Lukas Plattner, Sara Pietra Rossi
«Although the prospectus regime functions well overall», nevertheless the EU legislator considered it appropriate to revise the current Prospectus Directive 2003/71/EC, as part of the «Capital Markets Union Action Plan».
By Angelo Anglani
The Joint Divisions link the earlier approach of not allowing punitive damages to the need to stop extending classes of damage to cases not covered by statute.
By Angelo Anglani, Claudia Monti
The Italian Supreme Court, acting in the Joint Divisions format, has taken the opportunity to confirm the jurisdictional nature of arbitration.
By Franco Rossi
For this purpose, applicable statutory provisions must be carefully examined.
By Simone Gaggero
In particular, Article 5 of Law No. 84/94 allows changing the Port Master Plan by way of an excerpt variant or Technical and Functional Adjustment.
By Francesco Laureti
The repression of private bribery has always been a sensitive issue at international level.
By Federico Corti, Beatrice Gelmi, Allison Garofalo
The case in the background of the judgment here in comment is the one related to a bond issue structured as follows:
By Barbara Gattorna
The need to shed light on the legal nature, in Italy, of the procedures for securing (lashing and unlashing) cargo on board ro-ro vessels seems extremely topical at this time.