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By Susan Harthill, Jonathan Snare, Paul Evans, Anne Marie Estevez
The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs' fiscal year 2019 directives rescind the Active Case Enforcement compliance review procedures, create early resolution procedures, and enhance compliance assistance through the Help Desk and opinion letters.
By Zane David Memeger, Shevon Scarafile, David E. Marvin
Rosenstein stated that, without this discretion, corporate resolutions are delayed and attorneys potentially pursue civil litigation that is "unlikely to yield any benefit."
By Mary Hevener, Cosimo A. Zavaglia, Ester Lee
New York State recently established the Employer Compensation Expense Program allowing employers to elect to pay an Employer Compensation Expense Tax on payroll expenses paid to covered employees.
By Nicholas Hobson, Christina Gonzaga, Jennifer Connolly
With immediate effect, the Ministry of External Affairs of India has issued a requirement that Indian nationals with non–"Emigration Check Required"
By Susan Harthill
Several US Department of Labor agencies have issued guidance to assist those individuals, unions, and employers affected by the most recent California wildfires.
By Justin Chairman, Jose Robles Jr
Updates for the 2019 proxy voting guidelines by Institutional Shareholder Services include guidance on board gender diversity and attendance
By Stephen Spina, Levi McAllister, Arjun Ramadevanahalli
A new market registration option is among the changes SPP is likely to propose in next month's mandatory compliance filing.
By Levi McAllister, J. Daniel Skees, Serge Agbre
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or the Commission) Office of Enforcement (OE) issued its 2018 Report on Enforcement on November 15. The report provides a review of OE's...
By Stephen Spina, Levi McAllister, Arjun Ramadevanahalli
For years, the US electric power industry has witnessed a steady uptick in the total capacity of deployed energy storage resources.
By C. Hawes
The US Internal Revenue Service has released proposed regulations requiring retirement plans to eliminate the six-month suspension for hardship withdrawals made on and after January 1, 2020...
By Susan Harthill
In a new opinion letter, the US Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division removed the 20% limitation on the amount of time employees can spend on non-tipped "sidework" that does not generate tips, replacing it with a more flexible test.
By Louis Rothberg, Drew Cleary Jordan
Perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) continue to garner national attention as emerging chemicals of concern.
By James J. Dragna, Ella Gannon, Jeremy Esterkin
While control of Congress and the gubernatorial races garnered the most attention, the 2018 midterm elections also provided voters in several states the opportunity to craft environmental...
By Stephen Mahinka, Amaru Sanchez
Some states have recently enacted legislation regarding drug price transparency in an attempt to respond to the public and payor concerns regarding prescription drug cost and pricing,
By Richard LaFalce, Jonathan Zimmerman, Nawal Maalouf
The US Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released much-anticipated guidance on October 19 on investments in the new Opportunity Zone Funds.
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