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By Michael Dow
The rules about the patentability in Europe of plants or plant products (obtained by a biological process) keep changing.
By Elise Bruce
When choosing a trade mark, keep in mind that marks with geographical connotations can be difficult to protect and enforce.
By Louise Emmett
You may have grounds to oppose the registration of a parody trade mark in Australia if the mark is not clearly a parody mark.
By Phillip Boehm
Bluescope Steel has engaged in a long running battle with IP Australia to protect branding on a pre-painted steel strip.
By David Bey
This recent decision is a cautionary tale about the effectiveness of generic confidentiality clauses in email footers.
By Martin Pannall
In addition to describing the invention fully, a patent specification must also disclose the best method of performing the invention.
By Louise Emmett
The use of meta-tags may constitute trade mark infringement, as the source data is visible if you know what to look for.
By Lucy Deane (formerly with Madderns Patent & Trademark Attorneys)
With a registered trade mark, it could be easier to challenge registration of a domain name by a third party.
IP Australia has introduced a new system for searching trade marks, rebranded as "Australian Trade Mark Search".
By Jacqueline Leong (formerly with Madderns Patent & Trademark Attorneys)
You should carry out reasonably comprehensive searches to check if any other parties are using a similar trade mark.
By Martin Pannall
We look at some patents behind technologies related to space telescopes.
By Michael Dow
For a plant variety to be registrable, it must be distinguishable from other known varieties and the result of breeding.
By Elise Bruce
This case highlights the importance of considering the different types of marks which are important to your business.
By Kin Seong Leong, Craig Vinall
China presents some unique difficulties for foreign trade mark owners.
By Louise Emmett
An overseas manufacturer supplied goods to Australian retailers in China, who sold the goods to customers in Australia.