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By Tara Doyle, Michael Jackson, Dualta Counihan, Anne-Marie Bohan, Shay Lydon, Liam Collins, Philip Lovegrove, Elizabeth Grace, Oisin McClenaghan, Michelle Ridge, Barry O'Connor, Donal O’Byrne
The second Shareholders' Rights Directive ("SRD II") is due to be transposed into the national law of all EU member states by 10 June 2019.
By Kate McKenna, Liam Heylin
Further to our previous Brexit commentary, the European Commission's (EC) Director-General for Competition has recently published a guidance note ...
By Kate McKenna
The European Commission (the "Commission") recently referred Ireland to the European Court of Justice (the "Court") ...
By Helen Kelly, Kate McKenna
Will Irish companies continue to have equal rights and remedies to UK companies when bidding in UK public tenders?
By Patrick Spicer
An unincorporated association is a group that does not have separate legal personality from its members.
By Claire McLoughlin, Julie Murphy-O'Connor
Clients with experience of litigating in Ireland will be familiar with the discovery process and the onerous obligation to disclose all relevant documents which are in their power
By Helen Kelly, Kate McKenna
The UK will no longer enjoy the enforceability of judgments under the Brussels Regulation, under which a judgement of the courts of an EU member state
By Chris Bollard
Personal data means any information that can be used on its own or in combination with other information to directly or indirectly identify a specific person (the "Data Subject").
By Michael Finn, Deirdre Kilroy
The article below dealing with patents is the first in a series of articles authored by Deirdre Kilroy and Michael Finn analysing the impact of Brexit in the area of intellectual property.
By Helen Kelly, Kate McKenna
Further to our recent article on the new rules for broadcasters under the revised Audiovisual Media Service Directive (the "AVMSD"), the Minister for Communications
By Sharon Daly, April McClements
The Court of Appeal, in the landmark judgment of Kinsella v Kenmare Resources plc & Anor (1) delivered on 28 February 2019, has set aside an award of damages of €10 million as being disproportionate, unjust and unfair in the circumstances.
By Helen Kelly, Kate McKenna
Operating in EU Member States: UK-headquartered telcos will not benefit from freedom to provide services and freedom of establishment in EU.
By Helen Kelly, Kate McKenna
UK broadcasters will no longer benefit from the 'country of origin' principle under the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
By George Brady, Cáit Murphy
One of the more interesting aspects of any M&A transaction is seeking to close the gap on the allocation of risk between a seller and a buyer.
By Pat English
The EU is introducing a new set of rules designed to protect its interests in strategic sectors while remaining open for investment as the world's largest single market.
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