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By Genevieve Dee
The process of working out how to divide the assets on separation is the same, regardless of the wealth of the parties.
By Clinton Jackson, Charles Sweeney, Andrew Corkhill, Gillian Bristow
Businesses should review and keep track of the expiry dates of all PPSR registrations, in case they need to be renewed.
By Belinda Winter
This regulation protects employers from casual employees 'double dipping', by a casual loading plus permanent benefits.
By Belinda Winter, Annie Smeaton, Sandra Barry
On 6 December 2018, the Federal Government passed the Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2018.
By Rosalie Cattermole
The dispute and the subsequent litigation can be attributed to the conflicting view of duty payable on the transaction.
By Belinda Winter, Sandra Barry
New FWA regulations and legislation address 'double dipping' claims by casual employees and casual conversion rights.
By Andrew Corkhill
An increasing proportion of mining land was not being rehabilitated when companies were unable to meet their obligations.
By Genevieve Dee, Craig Turvey
It is difficult to include an inheritance in a property settlement, and each matter will turn on its unique facts.
By Justine Woods, Genevieve Dee, Craig Turvey
Article recommends that you seek legal advice before recording a conversation or exhibiting any recordings to affidavit material.
By Rosalie Cattermole
Article explains that transfer duty is NOT imposed if the transaction is ONLY for personal property or chattels.
By Tony Park, Gillian Bristow
The employer was ordered to compensate a truck driver, injured when he became involved in a couple's domestic dispute.
By Annie Smeaton, Gillian Bristow
The NSW Industrial Relations Commission has revised rates and extended GCCD obligations to additional areas of NSW.
By Gillian Bristow
Transport and warehouse operators should ensure they have appropriate insurance cover for goods in transit and storage.
By Fletch Heinemann, Gillian Bristow
Road freight businesses must report payments made to contractors each year, using the Taxable Payments Annual Report.
By Gillian Bristow
The newly approved Code will assist parties in the chain of responsibility to discharge their obligations under the HVNL.
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