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By Rick Goldberg
ASIC invites the general public to provide feedback on the proposed regime for oversight of the newly established AFCA.
By Cassie O'Bryan
Failing to correctly issue a Statutory Demand can prove an expensive and counter-productive result for the issuing party.
By Rebecca James
The ATO's view in LCG 2017/3 is a timely reminder to review the Fund's trust deed and relevant pension documents.
By Cassie O'Bryan
If you're about to issue a Statutory Demand, failure to fulfil the requirements can mean serious trouble for its success.
By Michelle Dawson
The article lists 10 key things which should be on every HR Manager or Business Owner's list of things to do in 2018.
By Rohan Ingleton
GST will be only considered in the determining the rent threshold under the Act if the lease is dated prior to 2013.
By Dudley Kneller
Companies and individuals seeking more information about data breach notification obligations can access this white paper.
By Rohan Ingleton
Valuers must be careful when writing a valuation report, corresponding with landlords and tenants and answering queries.
By Rohan Ingleton
Valuers should consider these steps to avoid common mistakes and to ensure that the lease valuation is not set aside.
By Emily Dempster
There are a number of preventative steps that employers should take to minimise the risk associated with work functions.
By Peter Holdsworth
Important changes to intestacy laws in Victoria came into effect from 1 November 2017. .
By Rick Goldberg, Cherry Tan
ASIC has released guidance to assist companies and proposed licensed CSF intermediaries in using the new CSF regime.
By Rohan Ingleton
Court determines that even a lease for the manufacture of goods could be subject to the Retail Leases Act 2003 (Vic).
By Rohan Ingleton
The "Current Market Rent and Engaging Specialist Retail Valuers" guidelines could assist valuers, landlords and tenants.
By Emily Dempster, Nicole Davis
Employers must ensure that employees are made fully aware of the types of changes that are proposed to be implemented.
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