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By Elle Jones
In assessing stamp duty, the High Court adopted ‘ordinary principles of valuation' to assess the value of company assets.
By Rohan Ingleton
If the lease provides that the premises are air-conditioned, the landlord has an obligation to provide air-conditioning.
By Catherine Ballantyne
A purchase money security interest (PMSI) is a type of security interest which receives a super priority under the PPSA.
By Rohan Ingleton
This recent decision makes it clear that a leaking roof in a building is likely to be a landlord's responsibility to fix.
By Catherine Ballantyne
If you are unsure whether to register a short term lease on the PPSR, you should err on the side of caution and register.
By Dudley Kneller
Eight months after the introduction of mandatory data breach notification laws, this article discusses emerging trends.
By Catherine Ballantyne
Even if leasing is only a small part of your business, you must register to ensure that your leased goods are protected.
By Emily Dempster
Employers cannot completely eliminate employee misconduct at work functions, but preventative steps will minimise risks.
By Dudley Kneller
The need to grapple with ethical considerations is apparent as AI becomes more prevalent in the Australian legal sector.
By Nicole Davis
These articles aim to help you better understand how the PPSA applies to you and avoid common pitfalls in registration.
By Rohan Ingleton
VCAT rules procrastination or non-performance by landlord to remedy air-conditioning was grounds for termination of lease.
By Cassie O'Bryan
To avoid losing your security interest to incorrect registration, here is a useful list of common registration mistakes.
By Elle Jones
These proposed amendments will deny deductions for losses or outgoings as they relate to a taxpayer holding vacant land.
By Rebecca Van Langenberg
The article considers some key issues often overlooked in planning for incapacity in a self-managed superannuation fund.
By Catherine Ballantyne
2nd in a series of articles to assist in a better understanding of how the PPSA applies to you and how to avoid the pitfalls.
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