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By Catherine Ballantyne
Strategies for minimising your exposure to risk when one of your customes becomes insolvent.
By Elle Jones
What you need to know about the new ATO ruling that provides guidance in relation to the new GST obligations.
By Catherine Ballantyne
If a statutory demand is ignored, the company is deemed to have committed an act of insolvency and may be wound up.
By Rohan Ingleton
Recent decision highlights that a valuer must be very careful in reviewing the market rent review clause in a lease.
By Catherine Ballantyne
Special Counsel outlines six things that you need to know about defamation.
By Elle Jones
The Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2018 aims to reform issues in the property market that result in consumer detriment.
By Catherine Ballantyne
Penalties under Australian Consumer Law have increased significantly for individuals and corporations - details provided.
By Rebecca James
Implementing strategies to minimise risks of death benefit disputes and to manage other issues that may arise is vital.
By Tim Greenall
Employers using casuals on a regular and systematic basis may be exposed to claims for leave, even after casual loading.
By Emily Dempster
The accessorial liability provisions of the Act have broad reaching implications on a range of persons and companies.
By Michelle Dawson
Casual employees can, subject to certain prerequisites, request a full time or part time position after a period of time.
By Rohan Ingleton
Article recommends following 7 steps to minimise the possibility of your valuation being set aside.
By Elle Jones
A reminder to be mindful of the possible transfer duty implications when transferring property between trusts.
By Catherine Ballantyne
This case highlights the need to act on receipt of legal proceedings, to avoid a default judgment and possible damages.
By Cassie O'Bryan
Discussion of the defences that are available for voidable unfair preference payments under the Corporations Act 2001.
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