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By Terri Seligman
These three new actions, however, are the first to focus exclusively on violations of the CRFA.
By Kimberly Maynard
The ITC is an independent federal agency with authority to investigate trademark and other IP infringement claims.
By Edward Rosenthal
Photography is one creative area where the originality requirement has been tested.
By Amelia Brankov
The hotel then destroyed the mural by covering it with wallpaper.
By Brian Murphy
Today, SAG-AFTRA announced that it has revoked the signatory status of six "signatory service" entities: Checks in Motion, Inc., CMC/Forecast, Inc., CMS Productions, Talent Direct, Inc., Talent Solutions, and Waving Cat.
By Terri Seligman
The NARB panel also considered an expert declaration from a Yale School of Medicine professor submitted by Eli.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The parties were forced to go to trial, however, on the issue of monetary relief.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The IQOS device heats tobacco, rather than burning it, in order to release nicotine-containing vapor without generating smoke.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
The United States Department of Health and Human Services finalized a new rule that requires most television commercial advertising for prescription drugs to disclose their list prices.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Industry members in Serbia recently formed the country's first advertising self-regulatory organization, the National Association for Ethical Advertising Standards.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Here are some of the advertising-related highlights from their testimony.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
As an advertising lawyer, I get asked questions all the time about whether including something in an advertisement may raise taste concerns.
By Brian Murphy
In my previous post, I shared my initial thoughts on the Alternate Compensation Structure, the big news coming out of the recently concluded negotiations of the 2019 SAG-AFTRA Commercials Contract.
By Jeffrey Greenbaum
Yesterday, Facebook announced several changes to its advertising policies related to the marketing of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other financial products.
By Dorian Thomas
As a result, Facebook has taken down over 100 accounts, pages and groups associated with this fraudulent activity.
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