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By Stephen Booth
As a result of this 2016 decision, prior service as a casual is factored into the calculation of redundancy payments.
By Stephen Booth
Bullying behaviour is not tolerated at employee level, and the same consideration applies at board and management levels.
By Rita Khodeir, Lisa Qiu
Have a social media policy in place to enable you to take appropriate action if an employee misbehaves on social media.
By Dominic Russell
The FWO has developed a reputation as being more than just an industrial watchdog, but as an aggressive cop on the beat.
By Dean Claughton
Understanding the difference is important when considering what type of arrangement is best for you and your business.
By Stephen Booth, Lisa Qiu, Dominic Russell
An employer may need to prove it is reasonable to assess an employee's work capacity or work health and safety risks.
By Andrew Grima, Peter Stewart, Rebecca Hegarty
As a new financial year approaches, take time to review key aspects of your business to ensure a successful year ahead.
By Rita Khodeir
Lax security measures online leave your brand open to reputational damage – or far worse, if you're particularly unlucky.
By Stephen Booth
These flexible working arrangements can be changed by the employer, but it is essential to do so fairly and reasonably.
By Ricky Raad
This lease stipulated that landlord consent was needed before subletting or parting with possession of the apartment.
By Laura Bazouni
The term refers to legal privilege attached to communication specifically used for the purpose of negotiating settlement.
By Rita Khodeir
In 2013, Pepsi in Sweden decided on a World Cup soccer brand campaign around Portugal's superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.
By Danielle Micallef
The NSW Government has a new scheme for carers who adopt foster children, and aims to support 900 more children per year.
By Louisa Daniels
There are these four documents that are usually recommended for people to have in place for a complete estate plan.
By Adam West
There are five significant steps which Courts may follow when determining the division of the matrimonial asset pool.
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