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By Helen Kowal
The articles are discussions with building consultants about NSW properties with defects from original construction works.
By Michael Byrnes
'New Approaches' aims to assist employers, employees and representatives build productive and cooperative workplaces.
By Angela Harvey, John Trinh
Two cases highlight the dangers of failing to sign a will and then seeking probate of informal testamentary documents.
By Richard Ottley, Nicole Cini
This article examines Labor employment policies and provides insight as to how Australian businesses may be impacted.
By Helen Kowal
You can form a 'bloc' to maintain some control over any potential collective vote to sell the whole strata scheme.
By Eric Ziehlke
The main heads of disputes when a distributorship ends include trade marks, reputation, domain names & contractual issues.
By Helen Kowal
There has always been, and probably always will be, calls for investigations into the building and construction industry.
By Richard Ottley
This decision has considered a dilemma for employers when managing redundancies in a confidential business acquisition.
By Daniel Kentwell, Carly Howard
Priority notices are a quick and cheap tool to preserve the priority of future dealings, but their uptake has been slow.
By Angela Harvey
Consulting a lawyer might seem expensive to some, but a defective Will, however, can prove even more costly.
By Monique Robb, Katerina Lonergan
There is no "one size fits all" approach to superannuation splitting which can be applied to all separating couples.
By Daniel Kentwell, Carly Howard
Caveats can be a cost-effective way to alert people that you have a legal or beneficial interest in a piece of property.
By Sean Greenwood
Discussion about recent case which dealt with a challenge to the decision of an adjudicator engaged under the SOP Act.
By Monique Robb
The legal profession has some way to go to reach gender equality and women are still under-represented at senior levels.
By Nicole Pozovsky
It is timely to reflect on the contribution of women in society, and how that contribution is valued in Australian law.
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