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By Michael Byrnes
An employee subject to a social media policy could face disciplinary action if the retweet is in breach of that policy.
By Michael Byrnes
Employ­ers are enti­tled to expect employ­ees to devote their ​"full time and atten­tion" in work hours to their duties.
By Eric Ziehlke
It is important to remember that after the withdrawal, the UK will remain a member of the Madrid Protocol as will the EU.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
An employer can rely on the exemption if employment can be found in the same organisation or with a different employer.
By Richard Ottley, Simon Obee
This restraint of trade provision used in a Qld contract was deemed to be unenforceable on grounds of unreasonableness.
By Michael Byrnes
Employers need to balance feedback from the general public with their duty to protect the health and safety of employees.
By Michael Byrnes
Many casual employees are miscategorised and therefore may have valid claims for entitlements associated with permanency.
By Alistair Jaque, William Kontaxis, Amy Pun
Failures in governance are not just limited to the financial services industry - 5 key lessons for SMEs.
By Simon Obee
Examination of legal claims senior staff can bring on termination of employment and how employers can safeguard against them.
By Simon Obee
This two part article provides some practical guidance on the termination of senior executives.
By Richard Ottley
Key test it seems is whether a real intention to resign can be discerned and the apparent state of mind of the employee.
By Michael Byrnes
Such clauses, which relate to the behaviour of senior management, are often being included in business sale agreements.
By Sherlene Heng
This article considers some recent family law cases where alcohol was raised as an issue in parenting proceedings.
By Richard Ottley
He could not return to work until his driver licence was reinstated, so there was no contractual entitlement to wages.
By Simon Obee
Employers should obtain a clear medical opinion when making decisions relating to an employee's capacity to perform work.
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