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By Matthew Ward
The updated APO guidelines for patentability are also arguably counterproductive to encouraging innovation in Australia.
By Peter Treloar
The initial report included a number of restrictive patent provisions which the government has agreed to accept.
By Serena White DPhil, Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien
The article discusses relevant sections of the Patents Act and the requirements for an extension of time in Australia.
By Tracey Murray
An Austrade approved QIP ('Quality Incentive Program') consultant would assist you with your EMDG application.
By Gareth Dixon
Rather than "fix" the innovation patent, the Government considers that more targeted assistance may better assist SMEs.
By Andrew Lowe, Russell Davies
Applicants must ensure that the description of embodiments in a patent specification is updated prior to filing.
By Gareth Dixon
This article considers whether change in NZ IP policy direction is likely, depending on which party emerges victorious.
By Peter Treloar
Australian courts have recently taken a dim view of competitors claiming unjustified threats of patent infringement.
By Gareth Dixon
The TPPA-11 is what remains of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Free Trade Agreement following the US withdrawal.
By Jacinta Flattery-O'Brien
The outcome of consultation with the sector will not be known for some time and progress will be monitored with interest.
By Grant Shoebridge
Attorneys drafting patent specifications for prosecution in Australia, must understand the best method requirements.
By Chris Bevitt, Amber McKenna-Hill
New amendments will require organisations to take prompt action on suspected data breaches or face substantial fines.
By Grant Shoebridge
The Australian government has released its response to the Productivity Commission's inquiry into intellectual property.
By Grant Shoebridge
The Patent Office may have an opportunity to reconsider patent eligibility of cDNA with consistent examination practice.
By Gareth Dixon
A recent IPONZ decision has confirmed that "support" requires a higher descriptive standard than does "fair basis".
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